Title: Strange sect wooing and hissing noises Credit: Craig Young Comment Friday 5th October 2007 - 9:36am1191530160 Article: 5047 Rights
Christian Coalition II: The Blob From the convoluted sideshow that is the unhappy prenuptial relationship between Future New Zealand, Destiny New Zealand and the National Advisory Committee established to provide premarital counselling comes this story... In Christchurch, it seems that representatives of the 'Christian leaders' behind the National Advisory Committee for a single fundamentalist party during next year's New Zealand general election are holding a last ditch meeting to save the abortive Christian Coalition II: The Blob, before it dissolves completely into an unpleasant chaotic mess of its own making. Future New Zealand is still playing hard to get, although one wouldn't know it from its inertia-bound website, while Destiny New Zealand and Destiny Church are suspiciously quiet, endeavouring to curry favour with the National Advisory Committee,looking like wounded innocents against the partisan impulses of Future New Zealand. I suspect nothing will come out of this. Copeland has vastly exaggerated ideas of his own importance in the scheme of things, as does his carpetbagger party. And how long can Brian Tamaki withstand the slight to his mana as a significant Pentecostal megachurch leader before he pulls out? Still, if I were Destiny Church, I'd only have to wait a year before Future New Zealand is ignored by the electorate, and obliterated from Parliament... Craig Young - 5th October 2007    
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