Title: No cocks in frocks in class! Credit: Features Wednesday 14th August 2002 - 12:00pm1029283200 Article: 41 Rights
In 1993 the Justice and Law Reform Select Committee was considering the Human Rights Bill which was subsequently passed conferring equal protection in law on all people regardless of, amongst other things, gender, sexuality, health status and disability. Paul Adams, now a United Future MP - one of those the government is relying on to be able to govern effectively, made the following submission aimed at denying to gays (though he seems to confuse us with crossdressers) and people with HIV the same protection in law many other New Zealanders could take for granted. The following is the verbatim text of that submission: Associate Minister Of Health, Parliament Buildings, WELLINGTON. ATTENTION: Hon Katherine O'Regan Dear Madam, SUBMISSION TO THE JUSTICE AND LAW REFORM SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE HUMAN RIGHTS BILL AGAINST: the banning of discrimination on the grounds of "sexual orientation", and against the banning of discrimination of people who have organisms in the body capable of causing illness. I wish to voice my strong disapproval to some aspects of the Human Rights Bill proposed by Katherine O'Regan. Regarding the presence in the body of organisms capable of causing illness, these people need to be quarantined not let to run loose. Medical Science let alone plain common sense tells us that. I strongly object to the fact that my family could go to the dentist, doctor for treatment and have no way of knowing if he/she was an aids carrier. How would you feel if your son/daughter etc suffered an early death because of such a contact. Again I strongly protest at the clause on sexual orientation. To have a male dressed as a female teaching children in class is beyond my conception. Lets get back to some good old common sense. Some things are right and some things are wrong. This proposed legislation is wrong and if passed will lead to a further decline in our Nation. The heart cry from this nation is enough is enough. Any government that refuses to listen to the cry from its people will eventually fall. History teaches us very clearly if you want to study it that the prosperity of a country is directly linked to its moral standards. Lets get some sanity back into our legislation. Your faithfully, (Signed) PAUL G. ADAMS Paul Adams Motors Ltd LMVD, Main Road, Albany, Auckland - 14th August 2002    
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