Title: Sorry Brian, not in this country! Credit: Craig Young Comment Friday 27th August 2004 - 12:00pm1093564800 Article: 384 Rights
By now Destiny Church should be getting the message that the rest of us have had quite enough of them, especially in Wellington. Far from whipping up opposition to civil unions, it has raised major concerns about just how extreme the Christian Right is. On Tuesday 24 August, speakers at a rally against racism and anti-Semitism specifically condemned the events of the previous day. TV3 news didn't comment on the interesting fact that there were rainbow flags distinctly visible in the distance, but whoever that was, well done. That condemnation was widely reported elsewhere in both broadcast and print media. The inimitable Paul Holmes asked if the rest of us were "disturbed" by Monday's parliamentary rally, and also inquired whether Destiny Church was a "vital Christian movement" or a "charismatic cult." Russell Brown has asked much the same questions. Tamaki and Labour MP Georgina Beyer had a rematch, with a lead-in that commented that the anti-CUB marchers had 'stiff arms' and had an 'antigay' bias. Georgina was in fine form, and dressed with her usual panache. She referred to hatred and intolerance from Tamaki's black t-shirted mob. Tamaki denied that harrassment had occurred, and gave his usual spiel about 'marriage' and 'families.' He never answered Pauls' questions about heterosexual domestic violence as a far greater danger to families, and it didn't take long for his usual pathologising drivel to emerge. If Tamaki is going to use pseudo-scientific terms like 'perversion,' then could someone please correct him and tell him the difference between lesbian and gay sexuality and real predatory paraphilias, like paedophilia? And as for his references about "abnormality" and "unnatural" attributes, how does Tamaki then account for LGBT birds and animals, or the possible existence of a distinctive human gay gene? Meanwhile, back in Wellington, Wellington High's plucky School's Out complement are still continuing their campaign to have Destiny Church Wellington evicted from their school premises. It's good to see such courage and commitment from members of the younger LGBT generation. Reportedly, though, Destiny Church members have been seen ripping down Wellington High anti-homophobia posters. Excuse me, isn't that vandalism? And Holmes and the Dominion Post should be applauded for their investigative journalism in publicising and following this news story. As for the Herald, the editorial predictably jumped to the conclusion that LGBT protestors and supporters were trying to 'censor' the Christian Right, although Tapu Misa slammed Destiny's attitude toward LGBT New Zealanders in an opinion column. Meanwhile, back in the Christian Right media, Challenge Weekly was the only one to fully cover the anti-CUB march, and its reports make interesting reading. Sorry, Brian. Not in this country you don't, mate. Craig Young - 27th August 2004    
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