Title: Observations from the Destiny blackshirt rally Credit: Tapu Misa and Calum Bennachie Features Friday 27th August 2004 - 12:00pm1093564800 Article: 381 Rights
OBSERVATIONS #1: (Written after reading Tapu Misa's column in the NZ Herald) I was at the March, opposing Tamaki and his herd. I saw the hatred in their eyes. I saw the anger in their faces. I heard a group of them chanting "hate gays" after a smaller group of people opposing them started chanting "love gays". Is that how they "don't hate homosexuals but we hate what they do". Is the assault on a woman from Woman's Refuge, or the assault on a female member of a UniQ an expression of love? Is shouting at people they will "burn in the lake of fire" an expression of love? When one of the Destiny women claimed "We hate the sin but love the sinner" and was offered a hug by a gay man to prove she meant it, but turned away quickly in horror in case she may be perverted; is that a demonstration of love for the "sinner". While Georgina Beyer may have let rip with her tongue- as shown on TV, she was jostled, screamed at, pushed and assaulted by a crowd of Destiny supporters with looks of absolute hatred in their eyes as she tried to make her way through them. Is that an open demonstration of the love that Destiny claims they demonstrate? Although I saw it happening, I would be unable to say who they were or describe them other than being predominantly Maori, all wearing the black t-shirt provided by Destiny. They were a faceless mob. Pastor Brian declares "We love homosexuals", but what was said by his mouth was not reflected in the actions of the Destiny crowd. The only "evil spirit that's working on someone" that I saw was the "spirit" that is working on Destiny Church. Calum Bennachie OBSERVATIONS #2 (Written immediately after the rally) Today was a very interesting day... to say the least! Destiny Church were to descend upon Parliament in all their so-called "glory" protesting against Abortion, Prostitution law reform, solo parents, and the Civil Unions Bill. Their Catch Cry was 'Enough is Enough'. Destiny Church were met by a number of people from all walks of life including myself, Mike, and others from ACT on Campus, as well as people from the Greens, different socialist organizations, indymedia, UNIQ, Young Nats, and businessmen and women... What this unlikely combination of people had in common, was their belief that the state had no role to play in determing what is moral and what is not. The group all condemed the facist approach of the Destiny Church in dictating their vision of society. Destiny, with their zealous chanting and their vigourous support, not to mention the salute, somewhat resembled the Nazi rallies of the Third Reich. (SCARY) The irony of their black shirts, combined with a red and white colour scheme, was not lost on us. Their justification on criminalising abortion was that mothers have no right to deprive society of a child, and the child belongs to society not the parents. No matter your views on abortion, the thought that children belong to the state should scare all libertarians. Hitler said exactly the same thing! Destiny also preached that children have the right to a moral, and educated upbrining, which is why it was suprising to see at least 500 cases of truancy at today's march! In their vehement attack on prostitution Destiny overlooked the fact that prostitution would not be stopped by legislation. Never has, never will. Destiny's biggest gripe was with homosexual relationships. We had an interesting conversation with a Destiny member who told us that "Gays are not bad, its the spirit behind them that's evil." So loving each other is bad??? And that what we don't see defines what we see! The same woman said that we need heterosexual relationships to procreate to ensure future generations. When confronted with the ancient greek traditions of homosexuality and them not dying out due to lack of offspring, as well as the wonders of modern technology such as IVF she was somewhat quiet... Pastor Tamaki obviously left that bit out. It's worth noting that this conversation took place in the Back Bencher pub, whilst the lady was looking for her 5 year old son, that she lost, in the pub! All n all, even tho we were a slight minority, our voice was heard! Cheers! Hannah Collings Tapu Misa and Calum Bennachie - 27th August 2004    
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