Title: From under a slimy rock, hissing... and some support too Credit: Neville & Beth Features Wednesday 25th August 2004 - 12:00pm1093392000 Article: 380 Rights
Wednesday 25 August: "It was good to see Geogina Beyers manifesting in the parliament grounds yesterday You see satan does not like the true word of God and cannot bear to hear the name of Jesus so he manifests just like what happened yesterday! Its about time that some of the population are going to stand up for what is right, I know that I am, and I will not tollerate homosexuals and lesbians anywhere They are a sick lot. Neville" Friday 27 August: Stuff like Neville's email is so bloody depressing on all sorts of levels we thought we'd add the following excerpted letter received to cheer you up: "I am a straight woman, and I was very angry at seeing Tamaki and all his brainwashed minions protesting against the civil union bill. They say God loves and accepts everyone, but if their god is as arrogant, biggoted, sexist, homophobic (and sometimes racist) as them, then why wld anyone want to become a Christian!? I seriously can't believe that God (if there is one) wld be that impressed by hateful small minded people like that (who live off parishoner's money too!) When I see churches like Destiny, I really think the world wld be better off without religon! And who wld want to spend eternity in 'heaven' with people like that! That is my idea of hell! I am sad that there are people like that trying to take away the Civil Union bill (not that they will suceed), and I just wanted to give a msg of support! Beth" Neville   
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