Article Title:The Tamaki Teachings: Brian's messages on gays
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Published on:24th August 2004 - 12:00 pm
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Text:Brian Tamaki Here's a few excerpts from Pastor Brian Tamaki's Destiny Church TV programme speeches illustrating his teachings on glbt "perverts." 1: WARPING A WHOLE GENERATION! Pastor Brian holds up the front page of the NZ Herald issue printed the day after Prostitution Law Reform was passed. It features a large picture of gay MP Tim Barnett and transexual MP Georgina Beyer hugging and kissing in celebration of the law being passed. "That's a clear message to the church, like never before. I looked at that, and God showed me something... The spirit of homosexuality is the spirit that is actually used to lead all sexually illicit spirits into warping a whole generation, a whole city, a whole nation.” 2: GET TO POWER! Ignoring that the majority of New Zealanders supported the Homosexual Law reform Bill, and that the petition against the bill was found to be full of forgeries and repeat signatures, Pastor Brian remains bitter about human rights being extended to GLBT folk: "...God has raised up Destiny Church now. You can no longer rely on lobby groups! 800,000 signatures to try and protest the Homosexual Law Reform Bill did not work! What God is saying, is you've got to get to power!" The pastor's audience nods, applauds, and shouts approval. 3: TOLERANCE IS ANTI-GOD! "The homosexual spirit is right out there in front leading the charge to reform society backwards - right? And to do that its got to take out the word of God... And the first way to do that was to create a SPIRIT OF TOLERANCE working in society. PUBLIC TOLERANCE! So that it can begin to turn people away from believing that husband and wife, that man and woman, what we call the natural family, the marriage, was the relationship that was esteemed by God.” Members of his audience are feverishly taking notes on pads contained within large ringbinders. 4: LYING SPIRIT PERVERTS THE NATION! "There has always been, up until now, rights, privileges and entitlements that have only been available to marriage. Before that there wouldn't have been any relationship that equals marriage. So the agenda from the spirit of perversion - THE LYING SPIRIT - was to empower the homosexual spirit on the ground to lead a Satanic strategy... oh boy... a Satanic strategy to actually take out and pervert a whole nation!" "If you thought I was talking through the side of my face, well..." Brian points to a NZ Herald picture of gay MP Tim Barnett and Transexual MP Georgina Beyer kissing and hugging following the passing of the Prostitution Law Reform Bill was passed (they both supported it). " a lot of people, not even Christian are saying come on! We DID NOT vote for THAT!" Loud cheers from the audience. 5: EVERY MAN AND BOY WILL BE SEXUALLY PERVERTED! "We don't go for this reform bill about homosexuals! But the fact is that THEY ARE THERE. They are making laws, making legislation... listen to me... right now they are not only normalising it, they are beginning to perpetuate it! And they're beginning to create it so that eventually you've got Sodom and Gomorrah where every single man and every single boy is sexually perverted!" 6: PERVERTS AGREE: PEOPLE OF GOD FAILED! Pastor Brian is hot under the collar about the wording of the Homosexual Law Reform legislation: "Ha! So, they took the word 'sodomite' out. That got moved on to 'homosexual.' Then they took the word 'gay'. So it was more acceptable. You see? I'm showing you something. All this time, the homosexual community had more passion for their unrighteousness than the so-called people of God had for their agenda! We couldn't get it together - ha, at least the perverts agree!" "It's a wake up call." - 24th August 2004    
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