Article Title:When you die where are YOU going?
Author or Credit:Radio Pacific
Published on:9th August 2004 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:362
Text:In his dying days at Radio Pacific the increasingly bizarre publisher Ian Wishart gets a little freaky-preachy when confronted with a pro-gay caller. Transcript of Radio Pacific talkback segment as presented on host Ian Wishart's website: WISHART: Steve, hello. CALLER: Yes, good evening... I'd like for you to tell me, and the rest of the people listening to you, what Mr Brash is going to do for New Zealand. Quite frankly I'm getting sick and tired of Mark Bennett and yourself slagging Helen Clark off all the time. Quite frankly I'm getting sick and tired of it. WISHART: Well, Helen Clark has given us legalized prosititution, she's trying to give us civil unions, she's taken away our Air Force, she's destroyed half the country's unity. And quite frankly, she's a danger to democracy in this country. CALLER: Well what do you think Mr Brash is going to do? I've got clippings here... I think a lot of people are going to get what they deserve if they put this guy in. WISHART: That's what a lot of Labour voters are saying they've got right now with Helen Clark. They're saying they'll never vote Labour again. CALLER: ...and we'll see if you're moaning six months after he gets in. WISHART: I'm going to tell you something. I have been a thorn in the side of National, I have been a thorn in the side of Labour, and I will continue to be a thorn in the side of all governments because that's what the media's job is. I'm not going to sit here and be some suck-up sycophant singing the praises of the Prime Minister when quite frankly she doesn't deserve it. CALLER: What I'd like to know is: when you were speaking to that lady caller, a couple of callers back, what I want to know is, that if people want to do what they want to do in society without causing harm to anybody else, what right have you got to bloody preach to anybody else what they want to do? WISHART: I'll tell you... I'll tell you... (caller is interrupting) I'll tell you what right I have. (caller still interrupting) No, I'm a Christian. I'll tell you what right we have, Steve, and its this: Any activity you care to name in most cases doesn't harm nobody. It actually harms, ah, other individuals and it can harm society. So you sit there and you tell me how wonderful Labour is, they've destroyed the social fabric of our society and you sit there and stick up for them, well sunshine, you're gonna be the one who regrets it one day. CALLER: Well maybe the Christians are a regret to us. WISHART: Well maybe it is, but tell you what, tell you what, when you die, and I die, I know where I'm going, where are you going? CALLER: Stop preaching to us. WISHART: I will preach to you because that's my job. Thank you. CALL IS TERMINATED Radio Pacific - 9th August 2004    
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