Article Title:Robin's Hood
Author or Credit:Margaret Flaws
Published on:6th June 2004 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:270
Text:ROBIN'S HOOD Dir: Sara Millman, USA, 2003, Beta SP, 81 mins This queer rendering of the Sherwood forest story must have sounded a great idea in its conception and could have made it in the fantasy stakes, but its on-screen realization falls short, let down by the wooden performances of the lead actors. Made with collective help from the Oakland neighbourhood in which it is set, Robin's Hood tells the love story of Brooklyn, a French speaking, leather clad, bike riding charmer who has a made a career as a thief and sometime mechanic, and Robin, a big hearted but disillusioned social worker, suspended for seeking justice for her poor black clients. Robin's fall from grace is swift and in a twist of the spanner, she's fallen for Brooklyn and her criminal ways. She takes part in a bank robbery with Brooklyn and redistributes the loot to her former clients. A cash strapped local childcare centre and solo parents in need are beneficiaries of the pair's robbery spree. When Brooklyn starts to lose her touch, the increasingly gung-ho Robin encourages her to make one last heist. Their love story follows a clichéd trajectory – there's the obligatory lesbian bath scene, the obligatory pool table scene. The sex is squeaky clean and even Brooklyn's overalls sport a distinct absence of grease. Both actors are far too hammy – it's a porn movie without the porn, one friend said. The neighbourhood of Oakland and San Francisco Bay both play themselves more convincingly than the actors. At best, Robins' Hood is an honourable attempt at community based filmmaking. The give away comes as the credits roll, with outtakes showing the two leads pacing the Castro with buckets drumming up queer support and cash for their small budget film. Perhaps there was a better movie to be made about the making of Robin's Hood – reality might have been more entertaining than this poorly realized tale. Margaret Flaws - 6th June 2004    
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