Article Title:MP Carter's fatherhood called "disturbing"
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Published on:16th June 2004 - 12:00 pm
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Text:MP Chris Carter's fatherhood and family arrangements have been labelled "disturbing" by National MP Wayne Mapp, and sneered at by United Future MP Paul Adams. At a public meeting on civil unions conducted at the Milford Baptist Church on Auckland's North Shore, Mapp railed against same-sex parenting and relationships. "I personally found it disturbing the way he has arranged to become a father, with a lesbian couple and other people might find that perfectly ok, I didn't," said Mapp. "Why did I find it disturbing? It just seemed to me to be fundamentally against the natural order of things...that's another reason why I am opposed to the Civil Union Bill it's a quite instinctive reaction, it just seems to be against our society." "Could you just imagine that, I mean to me, when we yelled out all of our flavours of ice-cream, no one could hear anyone, can you imagine that household, with those children growing up and dad sleeps with a man and dad sleeps with a woman, and they are all in the same household," sneered Adams. Adams also said that many MPs would not have voted for homosexual law reform in the 80s if they “knew where that pathway was going to go to”. “You have also got to understand, that there is not one homosexual man or lesbian woman in this country that is discriminated against and can't get married. They can. They have just got to choose a partner of the opposite sex. Because that is what marriage is,” he added. The meeting was also attended by Amanda McGrail of the Maxim Institute, who asserted that "marriage itself is not a human right. It's an institution and it's not about whether you love somebody or not ..."    
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