Article Title:Lonely Wishart waits for mailman
Category:New Zealand Daily News
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Published on:16th December 2003 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:2173
Text:Gay-soy theorist Ian Wishart laments being left waiting for a response from an email he sent to the “strangely quiet” in the latest issue of his Christian perspective magazine Investigate. In an editorial entitled Attack of the heterophobes, Wishart devotes most of a page to attacking, labelling its contributors “tragic creatures” and doublethinking his way out of allegations he made in Investigate last month that said there was research available to indicate a connection between increased levels of homosexuality among men and massive increases in soy milk usage. asked in an email for him to deliver the source of his research within 24 hours, as discussions with health food company Sanitarium, Plunket, and internet searches had revealed nothing more than bizarre urban legends. Wishart claims in Investigate this month that he emailed "around half a dozen reports, complete with scientific journal references". The word 'homosexuality' did not appear once in any of the reports Wishart sent. One article sent examined gender identity in developing intersex children, and made brief reference to a study that showed differences in brain patterns between people with different sexual orientations, but no causes were mooted and soy milk was nowhere to be found in this report. In terms of actual research on the particular issue of soy milk and its links to homosexuality, Wishart could only provide the name of Dick James, a retired lawyer from Northland who, like Wishart, is Christian. James also believes that cross-dressing in Polynesian cultures can be attributed to taro consumption. "It's always amusing to see people pretending to be journalists," says Wishart. "That's the problem these days – anyone can set up a webpage and call themselves a reporter." Wishart's magazine Investigate is self-published.    
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