Article Title:Queer eye for the straight prince
Category:New Zealand Daily News
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Published on:12th November 2003 - 12:00 pm
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Text:It would not be a great shock to find out that one of Prince Charles' servants was gay, said the editor of tabloid newspaper Sunday News on Paul Holmes' Newstalk ZB breakfast this morning. Discussing the recent media frenzy over allegations of a sexual liaison between Prince Charles and a male servant, Paul Holmes sniggered at Sunday News editor Clive Nelson's assertion that one shouldn't be surprised that there are gay servants in the Palace. "It's a little bit like that TV programme, you know, 'Queer Eye For The Straight Prince' in many senses. A lot of the people that hang around in royal circles tend to be gay, I mean it would hardly be surprising really, you're talking about people who, you know, dress the Prince, and choose the cufflinks and make sure the tie matches," said Nelson. Holmes affirmed Nelson's authority on these matters, as Nelson had travelled around after the Royal Family for years and had seen these “flunkies floating around”. In discussing the coyness of the New Zealand media in covering the gritty details of the allegations, Holmes and Nelson revelled in the Sunday News' muckraking. “Yes we managed to get the word ‘gay' and ‘Charles' in the same sentence so I'm pleased about that,” said Nelson. Holmes and Nelson seemed confused at why the British media thought these rumours put the royal family in crisis, with Nelson concluding it is because we're more “broadminded” in New Zealand. Paul Holmes earlier in the year referred to former internet paparazzo Jonathan Marshall as “evil” after being pursued for tabloid stories, and complained of “vicious faggots” being after him during a television interview with British chef Gordon Ramsay.    
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