Article Title:Queer Nation pair fired in paparazzi fall-out
Category:New Zealand Daily News
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Published on:16th May 2003 - 12:00 pm
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Text:Queer Nation presenter Jonathan Marshall and researcher/director David Herkt have been fired from gay TV programme Queer Nation following a week of semipublic battling with the programme's makers. The firing follows revelations that Marshall had been following TVNZ presenter Mike Hosking seeking paparazzi-style photographs and later confirmation that Herkt had also been involved in the stakeouts and car chases. Herkt has also been commenting publicly on the chases and revealing internal Queer Nation goings-on on an internet newsgroup. Johnny Givens of Livingston Productions which makes QN has confirmed the pair have been fired because of a “fundamental breach of trust and confidentiality.” He says the fallout from the paparazzi affair revealed “internal issues within the production company” and “things that have happened over some weeks which are incompatible with their employment.” Givens would not be drawn further, citing employment confidentiality. He says both Herkt and Marshall are very talented “and contributed a lot to Queer Nation... everybody here is devastated.” Givens says QN's relationship with TVNZ, which airs the programme, remains strong, with the broadcaster being “very supportive” and maintaining a high level of respect for the programme. Herkt in particular has been a strong influence on QN's editorial direction over the past two seasons, credited with establishing a new level of professionalism and relevance in storylines. However, Givens says the programme will continue and “continue to change... in a few days we'll have sorted out our next moves” following the removal of Herkt and Marshall. Herkt is not currently commenting, but says he will probably speak with the gay media later today. Marshall could not be reached for comment.    
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