Article Title:Hero aims supported by GLT community - poll
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Published on:5th January 2003 - 12:00 pm
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Text:The Hero Brand Management Group's aims of ensuring the survival of the Hero Festival and paying off some of the past Hero debts are supported by the majority of the gay and lesbian community, according to an informal poll of users. Almost all of those polled also said that past Hero events they had attended left a favourable impression but two thirds felt they had not been well informed about hero's troubles in recent years. 90% of the 150 poll respondents believe it is important that at least some of Hero's past debts be paid off, while 84% feel that Hero is important or very important to the Auckland's gay, lesbian and transsexual communities. The poll, conducted as the brand management group confirmed that a festival will be held this February, also indicated a perception by respondents that 80% of their fellow gays and lesbians were supportive of Hero's aims. Past Hero events gained an almost 100% favourable response from those who attended them, but two thirds of those polled felt that they had not been well informed about Hero's troubles in recent years. The only note of pessimism in the poll results was the impression by almost 40% of respondents that the Hero Brand group might “be wasting its time” working to nurse hero back to health. However 60% disagreed with that attitude and were optimistic about the chances of success. Poll results (150 self-selected respondents): Question: Is the new Hero brand management group wasting its time trying to nurse Hero back to health? 38.4% Yes 61.6% No Question: Have you participated in or attended Hero events in the past? 83.4% Yes 16.6% No Question: Are you likely to participate in or attend similar Hero events [in 2003]? 71.5% Yes 28.5% No Question: How important is a Hero-type event to the gay and lesbian community? 46.4% Very Important 37.7% Important 6.6% Not important 9.3% Irrelevant Question: Do you believe it is important that at least some of the Hero debts should be paid off? 90.1% Yes 9.9% No. Question: Do you believe the Auckland gay and lesbian community is generally supportive or unsupportive of Hero? 9.3% Very supportive 41.1% Supportive 30.5% Neutral 19.2% Unsupportive Question: Do you believe you have been well-informed about all sides of Hero`s troubles of recent years? 33.8% Yes 66.2% No. Question: If you have attended Hero events in the past has your experience generally been favourable? 25.2% Very favourable 43.7% Favourable 25.8% Neutral 2.6% Unfavourable 2.6% Very bad    
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