Article Title:LGBTI Lives: Anita Wigl’it
Author or Daily News staff
Published on:26th February 2016 - 01:56 pm
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Text:Nick Hall is better known for his stage persona Anita Wigl’it, the fabulous blonde bombshell who was once crowned Vancouver's Next Drag Superstar. Nick first took centre stage in 2009, when his life as a drag performer began, “I went down this path due to a love of stage performing and I found that by being a Drag Queen you could act, dance, direct, choreograph, be a makeup artist and an event manager all in one!” he says. Admitting he was a bit of a late bloomer, Nick came out to his family at age 20 and says they were very accepting. His work in the Arts Industry meant he fell into a very supportive network “where the LGBTI community is everywhere that you look.” Inspired by the legendary Barbra Streisand, Nick says it is not only her talent that is admirable but he sees her as one of the most hard working and dedicated people in the world, someone truly beautiful. In a community where perhaps some are faced with more of the hardship and discrimination than others, he says; “I think that the LGBTI community just needs to remember that love is the answer. “There is often drama here and there and I think that with a bit more open-mindedness and love we could just get on with supporting each other. “I personally haven't felt any barriers to acceptance and struggle to see them in the world. We have marriage and equal rights and I am content to enjoy this and be a 'normal' member of a fabulous society. “I would like to see a future in which we could walk down the street holding hands with our loved one with no stares or negativity. This is already happening and I always love to see two girls or two boys (and any other mix) walking around holding hands. Give it five years or so and hopefully this will be much more of a reality.” Finding allies within the LGBTI community, Nick says communities are so important because they act as support networks and give you inclusion. “That's why I love being part of the special LGBTI family,” he says. “Allies are always important in life, they offer support and wisdom and who doesn't need that?! I am blessed to have many allies in my life and I hope that everyone has people that they can go to when they need support and guidance.” With a dream to perform at least twice a week Nick says he is excited about the future but his dream will require the creation of new events that cater to what people want. “I am so excited to find out what these things are and create them,” he says. “My darling sister Kita Mean and I created our monthly event 'DRAG WARS' to give new queens a place to perform. I would love to continue with this idea and keep making events for the younger up-and-coming Queens to enjoy.” Daily News staff - 26th February 2016
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