Title: Comment: Go, Bruce, go! Please... Credit: Craig Young Comment Monday 23rd April 2007 - 12:00pm1177286400 Article: 1685 Rights
Bruce Logan Bruce Logan has returned from the grave yet again, courtesy of Muriel Newman, former ACT List MP, and now webmaster of the so-called New Zealand Centre for Political Research. One would have thought that Newman had learnt her lesson the last time that Bruce Logan appeared on her website, whereupon there were remarks about that plagiarism scandal that ended his career at the Maxim Institute. Logan engages in a long tirade about the abolition of corporal punishment in schools in 1990, and how this has led to the current Section 59 Repeal scandal imbroglio. I'm surprised he doesn't blame the Homosexual and Prostitution Law Reform Acts like some of his more hysterical Christian Right Old Guard counterparts. Has this woman no sense of mainstream political savvy whatsoever? Logan has not been rehabilitated outside her stygian webpage. He may write fundamentalist letters to the Christchurch Press on occassion, but his current attempt at breaking back into public discourse is really rather pathetic. For someone who claimed to be the New Zealand Christian Right's leading public intellectual before Logangate, this is a sorry state of affairs. We're supposed to adopt a public policy because of histrionic displays of populism from religious fringe groups, rural social conservatism and deplorable lack of analytical and investigative media scrutiny on the whole anti-belting reform debate? No, sorry. How the mighty have fallen, and to such a depth, too... Not Recommended: Bruce Logan: "The Rise of Violence in Schools" (14.04.07): Craig Young - 23rd April 2007    
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