Article Title:Review: DeAnne Smith’s Get Into It
Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:29th April 2015 - 09:46 am
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Text:I could make this whole review writing process much easier by simply stating DeAnne Smith is freaking hilarious and you should go see her, but reviews generally require more than one sentence. The American, who lives in Canada, is in New Zealand for the first time with her tattooed geek chic style and juxtaposed mixture of clever and slightly dirty humour. If you don’t already know Smith is a lesbian you find out pretty quickly via an infamous opening bit she does, hitting on the women in the audience. Yes there is crowd interaction, but it’s light and fun, and not the kind that will leave you crying in the toilets after it’s all over. Smith works the audience with flair and you feel like a snug part of the show, in an hour packed with wide-ranging gags, which flies by all too quickly. I only hope future Kiwi audiences, which can be a little shy at comedy gigs, do what the title suggests and ‘get into it!’ more. She plays off the audience so well, it would be amazing to see her in full flight if people were more interactive. She is an intelligent comedian, who throws in enough schoolyard jokes to keep you on your toes. One minute you will be philosophising “why are we here” or “why would you throw a starfish at uncooked ham?” and the next you’ll be giggling at a ‘pussy!’ punchline. When Smith does the dirty jokes it’s almost like a send-up of comedians who rely so heavily on such low brow material, and she even sends herself to the naughty corner at one stage when she decides she’s gone too far. It’s not crass when it comes from her anyway – she’s too dorkily cute for it to be offensive. The show is peppered with lesbian anecdotes, from break-ups to bad music choices for one night stands. Her explanation of why scissoring just isn’t logical is one of the most memorable moments from an unforgettable show. Oddly enough two people left just after she explained lesbians don’t actually scissor. My wife wondered whether this piece of information destroyed their world. She’s an equal opportunity comedian though – if she offends anyone it’s likely to be both atheists and Christians. Verdict: clever comedy meets punchy unpretentious hilarity in a show lesbians, and anyone with a funny bone, will love. Go see her, pack the house, so she comes back next year! DeAnne Smith’s New Zealand International Comedy Festival show Get Into It! is at The Vault at Auckland's Q Theatre until Sat 2 May, at 7.15pm each night. Tickets are just $28-$30 here Jacqui Stanford - 29th April 2015    
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