Article Title:Stage: The Honey Keeper
Author or Credit:Larry Jenkins
Published on:13th April 2007 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:1669
Text:Review: The Honey Keeper In the Shape of a Square Theatre Company Cellar Theatre, Corban Estates Arts Centre, Henderson, Auckland When lovers are pulled apart, what distance can love travel? In this new piece of intimate theatre, a tale of love, loyalty and loss unfolds through three interwoven journeys. Tom McRae, who plays one of the four parts for three actors in this piece, was the generating force behind it. He was involved in the production of a documentary about his grandfather's World War Two experience screening on Anzac Day this year. Four Sides to a Square Theatre Company took the idea and worked as a team to produce a play, as they did last September with their opening production, ‘Four Sides to a Story' at K' Road's Alleluya Cafe (see archive for my review). The story starts now and goes backward in history, and that is a bit confusing at first. Hayley Dallimore's pivotal dual roles of Etta/Lydia only start to make sense after a few scenes, so one is left with the impression that she is betraying her partner Jacob, played beautifully by Daniel Coppersmith, who is in the Iraqi conflict (not sure which one) with his grandfather, played by McRae, an impression that soon sorts itself out. The acting here is of top quality. All three young actors bring something quite intense and wonderful to their roles. Technically they are all well equipped. I can't say much for the set, which was, I assume, gathered from whatever was around in peoples' attics. And the only clue the costumes give as to period or character is the little peaked cap McRae dons from time to time, linking him with an earlier era. But those are minor carps, the overall experience of the evening was moving and tender. The script, as noted above, was devised by all – the three actors, the director John Humphries, and the dramaturge Elizabeth Mills. Humphries is a force to reckon with, his ability to evoke naturally from his actors deep emotion is a rare talent. It's a touching piece and has already had a successful short run before transferring to the Corban venue, where it will play through this weekend. An added attraction is the pre-show music performed by vocalist Claire Mills to her own guitar accompaniment. The Honey Keeper plays at the Corban Estate Arts Centre until Sunday 15th April 2007. Tickets and more info at  Larry Jenkins - 13th April 2007    
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