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Author or Credit:Larry Jenkins
Published on:20th March 2007 - 12:00 pm
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Text:‘La Clique' The Famous Spiegeltent Red Square, Britomart There's not much time left! “La Clique” ends its sensational run on March 25, and though it's sold out, you should queue for returns! This may well be the attraction for which AK07 is best remembered, and that's saying a mouthful! Even “Miss Behave”, one of the “…the last surviving female sword swallowers in the world today…” would have a problem arguing with that fact, and believe me; she has lots of oral capacity. The World Famous Spiegeltent is the ideal venue for this show, good thing since they're traveling around with it, and its intimate space feels like a circus big top. Like Miss Behave's “roll on rubberwear” the performing area seems to stretch and stretch. Mikelangelo, “The Bull of the Balkans”, indeed, as advertised, dripping and oozing his pure animal charm, opens this full on show with a bang, oiling his way across the floor and singing his testosterone-drenched repertoire. The crowd thus warmed, nay, hot, are bombarded then with the sexiest attractions around – the incredibly hunky Denis Lock and Hamis McCann performing amazing lifts as “The English Gents”, the swivelly Yulia Pykhtina in her Ukrainian hoop-encircled domain, Captain Frodo, who manages to prove that the human body as we know it is a myth, the miniscule Rima who probably really is the “…most beautiful bite-sized belly dancer...” Azaria Universe, who is a kiwi, and the aforementioned Behave. It's futile reviewing a show like this. One can only, like the rest of the audience, enjoy and be glad one is there and wish one could share with the rest of the unfortunates outside on what was a rainy night the Wonders within The Famous Spiegeltent. On the way out the Bull of the Balkans pressed into my sweaty and applause-fatigued fingers a copy of his new cd “Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Journey Through the Land of Shadows” an hilarious and very entertaining collation of his own songs sort of in the klezmer tradition with many twists.Those of you who are, in this country, already turned on to Jonathan Besser, will want to rush out and purchase this rarity. If you don't buy it on site at the Spiegeltent, and can't find it in shops, then you can get it from the Bull's website: You won't be sorry, and you'll find that you're carrying these songs around with you in your head; you can't get rid of them. They're bizarre, ridiculous, risqué, absurd, wonderful! “One of those A Minor Days” is one I can't get rid of, also “Iranian Shag” and one from the show, “A Formidable Marinade.” That one has a chorus that'll grab your goolies! Mikelangelo doesn't bullishly hog the show, if I may mix metaphors. The suitably smokey-voiced Anushka, Lazlo and Josef, drop vocal surprises into the mix, and the band is superb, witty, sardonic, whew!… I'm tired! You'll think up more words yourself once you've heard it. Larry Jenkins - 20th March 2007    
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