Article Title:Pride Q&A: Freya Desmarais
Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:27th January 2015 - 12:03 pm
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Text:The self-declared ‘best non-South African lesbian comedian this side of the Bombay Hills’ is bringing “the sex education you never got but should have” to Auckland Pride Festival, with her show Live Orgy. The 26-year-old tells us about the serious message which underscores what is clearly going to be a hilarious and confronting show. The current state of our sex ed may just be bananas Tell us a bit about yourself? I'm 26, raised in Tauranga and Sydney, a Wellingtonian for five years, now living in Auckland as the best non-South African lesbian comedian this side of the Bombay Hills. What inspired Live Orgy? A chat with Green MP Catherine Delahunty - in our undies, wading in Jeanette Fitzsimon's river on her farm on the Coromandel. We talked about how repressed sex education is in New Zealand and how we should teach masturbation in school. It blew my mind. Also the fact that my sex education included learning to walk in heels. I failed that module. How important is it to talk about these issues? I think that the way we approach sex, sexuality, love, lust and respect in sex education has some serious ongoing effects in our adult lives. We aren't clear enough with kids about what sex should and shouldn't be; it SHOULD be fun, mutually consenting, safe and liberated. Like most people I was disgusted by the RoastBusters case and I think if we taught care, kindness and respect in a better way, these sorts of things can be avoided. What can people expect from the show? It's very honest and unflinching and it addresses some very real, very serious topics. It's also hilarious. Brendon (Green, the director) and I have been in fits in rehearsals. We tackle the serious issues with respect but it's also really irreverent and a lot of fun. Plus, never before has the 'climax' of the show been such an apt description. Do they need to leave their inhibitions at the door? I figure people should come as they are. Plus, I'm not sure anything can really prepare you for this. What might they learn? That the words 'fappy' and 'happy' are very catchy in song form. Are you excited to be involved in Auckland Pride? So excited, it's an honour! It's my first Pride in Auckland so I'm really stoked to be a part of it. I'm hoping to get to as many events as possible, but I definitely won't be missing the Parade! I live in Ponsonby so I have no excuse anyway! I think it's gonna be amazing. What is on the cards for you next? The night after Live Orgy closes I'll be in Furry.Funny.Fierce with some awesome queer comedians as a part of Bear Week, which can't come soon enough. I'm also taking one of my other shows, Home / The Hilarious Comedy About How I Nearly Killed Myself / A Play About How I Nearly Died But Didn't Then Learned A Lot About Life Afterward to Dunedin Fringe in March, and I'll be competing in the 2015 Raw Comedy Quest at the Classic during the Comedy Festival. Then I might take a nap. FREYA DESMARAIS: LIVE ORGY: 9 - 11 February 7pm, The Basement Theatre $18 / $15 / $10 - tickets at You can follow Freya: Twitter @freyadesmarais / / Insta: @bungholedesmarais / #liveorgy We have a double pass to the opening night of Live Orgy to give away! To enter, tweet us @gaynz, email us at or post on Facebook here with your answer to this: “what’s your worst sex ed memory?”   Jacqui Stanford - 27th January 2015    
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