Article Title:HERO - When girls come out of the woodwork
Author or Credit:Sarah Lambourne
Published on:28th January 2007 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:1567
Text:The HERO Festival is nearly upon us and February looks to be a busy social month. My diary is booked out solid with functions, art exhibitions, dance parties, the Big Gay Out and much more. I always look forward to HERO, not only for the events but also because every Lesbian and her dog comes out of the wood work. You get to run into old friends, catch up on the gossip, and see who's dating who. There is of course a down side, which is you also run into all your ex-girlfriends and their ex-girlfriends and of course their ex-girlfriends… you get my drift! The lesbian world is small; we all know each other pasts, and it all comes out (literally) at events like the Big Gay Out. I've spent many a year at BGO sitting on the blanket sipping a seabreeze while my friends next to me duck and dive for cover as a formidable ex, stalker or a broken heart walks past. On the flip side it is really nice when you bump into an ex who has shacked up with a really lovely girl and they are both deliriously happy. It's also nice to see who is having babies, who's popped one out and of course who has recently got engaged (the latest trend now civil unions are legal). It's also really fun when you bump into that ex who broke your heart. Much to your delight she has put on 10 kilos. Ouch! Bitchy I know but c'mon we've all been there… its sweet revenge really. OK to end on a more positive note, I love the HERO Festival because it brings variety, fun, celebration and most importantly a chance to show the gay world (and your ex's) just how fabulous you are! OUR GIRLY GUIDE TO HERO FESTIVAL 2007 EVENTS Friday 16th February is the launch party date for A [Lesbian] Body of Work. This art installation by Jo Mears is primarily about Queer Female culture, emphasising the diversity of Lesbians through common dress codification and labeling. It examines the way in which Lesbians label themselves and also the way they are stereotyped by mainstream society. The work explores historical aspects such as passing or dressing in drag, the culture of 'Butch and Femme' and the 'Lesbian Sex Wars', as well as contemporary translations. These mannequins are all identical in size and shape reflecting the stereotypical view of Lesbian women as being a 'type'. In reality, Queer women come in many different sizes, shapes, heights and types. The Queer Female community is comparatively small, is often marginalised and sometimes seems invisible. The aim in producing these artworks has been to create a body of work in which Lesbians can see themselves reflected and be made visible. The exhibition runs from 16 February until 15 March 2007, at the Marco Gallery, New North Road, Eden Terrace. Remember This One? is an exhibition of memorabilia including posters, book covers, magazines, t-shirts and badges exploring Lesbian history from the 1930s to today. The Charlotte Museum Trust - recently established to administer a museum of Lesbian history in New Zealand, is staging the exhibition. The exhibition will include a participatory aspect encouraging patrons to 'Remember this one' and write comments of their personal memories and experiences. Opening 8pm 16 February 2007, this exhibition runs from 16 February to 2 March - also at the Marco Gallery, New North Road, Eden Terrace. For the opening night of A [Lesbian] Body of Work and Remember This One? MARCO gallery | project space extends the show into the spacious MARCO Studio. This event is called It's a D Thing and will feature performances and bars that will provide a lively jaunt through Lesbian history. There will be dyke bars from three eras: "Witch Bar Dirty 30s Bar" - with a 1930s Butch Femme theme; "The Women's Bookshop Dungaree Bar" - a 1970s Feminist activist den; and "The D.VICE D.SPOT Bar" - a 1990s / contemporary space. The evening will include art, performance, music and video. Those attending will be encouraged to come dressed for their favourite era and to participate in the evening's performance art. There will be raffles and prizes given away for best dressed. Entry is free and everyone is welcome. Each era will have an operating cash bar featuring a specially designed cocktail thanks to 42 Below as well as wine, beer and soft drinks. It's a D thing performances start at 8pm, 16 February 2007, at the MARCO gallery | project space and MARCO Trust Studio - 47 New North Rd, Eden Terrace, Auckland. On Saturday 17th February, K' Road's popular Flirt night for women is set to be huge for HERO. As always, Flirt will be a friendly, unpretentious night for women who wanna dance, have fun and just be all round sexy! The 2007 HERO Festival will also feature all the best events from previous years you've come to expect - Wigs on the Waterfront, the Big Gay Out, the HERO Party (featuring a Flirt women's space again this year!), the HEROic gardens and HERO debate, and many more attractions. Sarah Lambourne - 28th January 2007    
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