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Published on:21st May 2014 - 09:20 am
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Text:Not only does the Out Takes Film Festival begin in Auckland tomorrow, today the Documentary Edge Festival gets underway with two excellent glbti films in its line-up. The 9th annual Documentary Edge Festival is at Auckland's Q Theatre from 21 May-2 June and Wellington's Roxy Cinema from 5-15 June. The documentaries on offer include Bridegroom and God Loves Uganda: Bridegroom New Zealand Premiere USA 2013 / 80min. Director Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. Producer Shane Bitney Crone. Trailer Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom are two young men in a loving and committed relationship which tragically ends by a misstep off the side of a roof. What happens after this accidental death brings into painful focus how people without the legal protections of marriage can find themselves ostracized and without the basic rights that many take for granted. A year later, Crone posted on YouTube It Could Happen to You, a heartbreaking 10-minute video that chronicled their relationship and the aftermath of Bridegroom’s death. The video went viral, attracting about 3.4 million views. Director Linda Bloodworth-Thomason collaborated with Crone and successfully funded a feature-length documentary through the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. Poignant and enraging, this film opens a window to the issue of marriage equality like no speech or lecture ever will. A universal reminder about the precious commodities that are life and love. Screening in Auckland Fri 23 May , 7pm, Q Theatre Sat 31 May Time, 1:15pm, Q Theatre Screening in Wellington Sat 7 Jun, 9:15pm, Roxy Cinema Thu 12 Jun, 4pm, Roxy Cinema God Loves Uganda New Zealand Premiere USA 2013 / 83min. Director Roger Ross Willaims. Producer Julie Goldman. (See the trailer below) A spiritual virus is creeping across Uganda with an ambition to devour it whole. For over 100 years, Western Christian churches have been sending missionaries to Africa. Originally intended as a campaign to civilize a "backward" people, the evangelism has transformed into a politicised radical campaign to eliminate "sexual sin" and convert Ugandans to fundamentalist Christianity. Through the prism of Africa’s poorest, youngest and most religious country, God Loves Uganda explores the true influence of the American evangelical movement in Africa through the intersecting arcs of three characters: an American missionary, Uganda’s most anti-gay evangelical minister, and a Ugandan priest and human rights activist. This ­is a devastating polemic on a dangerous experiment in theocracy which has resulted in a wave of violence and hatred perpetrated towards gay men and women. Is this Christianity as you know it? Screening in Auckland Sat 24 May Time, 6:45pm, Q Theatre Mon 2 Jun Time, 8:15pm, Q Theatre Screening in Wellington Sat 7 Jun, 7pm, Roxy Cinema Sun 15 Jun, 8:15pm, Roxy Cinema Meanwhile the women’s film at tomorrow night’s Auckland opening of the Out Takes Film Festival, Heterosexual Jill, is nearly sold out! The other film GBF has wide appeal however, and is a fun pick to take that younger glbti person in your life along to! staff - 21st May 2014    
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