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Published on:28th April 2014 - 10:58 am
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Text:From a hit teen comedy to a steamy police force romance, there is something for every taste in the line-up of feature films telling stories of gay and bisexual men. Buy tickets through Eventfinda here OPENING NIGHT: GBF Dir: Darren Stein, USA, 2013 Watch the trailer here Social warfare erupts in a suburban high school when the most popular girls compete to bag the big trend in fashion accessories, the Gay Best Friend. Tanner and Brent are gay but in the closet. Brent longs for the spotlight, believing that coming out will make him instantly popular, while Tanner just hopes to graduate without ever being noticed. When Tanner is accidentally outed instead of Brent, things go crazy pretty quickly. Frothy and colourful, GBF is chock full of one-liners and enough glittering teenage homosexiness to leave you feeling gaymazing for weeks. Auckland: Thu 22 May, 7.15pm (Opening Night)                                                 Trailer When a young drifter, Martin, turns up at writer Eugenio’s house in the country and they recognise each other as childhood playmates, Eugenio offers him work for the summer and a sensual game of power and desire begins. As they get to know each other and share increasingly intimate moments, their mutual attraction and Eugenio’s reticence build an almost unbearable erotic tension, for them and us! Fans of Argentine director Marco Berger’s work in Out Takes 2013’s Sexual Tension: Volatile will love this accomplished and beautiful exploration of the gay male gaze and desire. Auckland: Thu 29 May, 8.30pm Wellington: Wed 4 Jun, 8.30pm I FEEL LIKE DISCO (Ich Fühl Mich Disco) Dir: Axel Ranisch, Germany, 2013, 95 mins, German with English subtitles                                                    Trailer Chubby teenager Florian is very close to his mother. The two enjoy nothing more than dressing up and lip-syncing to disco songs. His diving coach father can’t understand this obsession at all, nor why his son isn’t interested in sports or girls. One day, tragedy strikes Florian’s mother, leaving father and son to cope in each other’s company. But when Florian meets his father’s young Romanian diving student, a tentative adolescent romance begins. At times heartbreaking, at others laugh-out-loud funny, this impressive tragi-comedy is one of the highlights of the festival. Auckland: Mon 26 May, 6.40pm Wellington: Tue 3 Jun, 6.40pm THE LAST MATCH La Partida Dir: Antonia Hens, Spain/Cuba, 2012, 94 mins, Spanish with English subtitles                                                  Trailer In this sexually-charged Cuban drama, Reiner and Yosvani are best friends and football mates. To support his mother, wife and baby, Reiner prostitutes himself to older male foreigners while Yosvani is reluctantly engaged to a girl and lives with her loan shark father. Sharing a kiss at a nightclub, followed by a lusty roof top encounter the two men quickly fall hard for one another. But they will fight hard to keep this love in the reckless Havana streets. As their love intensifies, the challenge is not with them but with the unforgiving world they exist in… a world they long to escape. Auckland: Sat 31 May, 8.35pm Wellington: Thu 12 Jun, 8.25pm *CRITICS' CHOICE* ROSIE Dir: Marcel Gisler, Switzerland, 2013, 106 mins, Swiss German with English subtitles Trailer Summoned by his sister, queer writer Lorenz returns to his small Swiss hometown. Thinking his only concern is taking a break from writer’s block, he finds he now has to cope with his mother, Rosie, who is increasingly unable to live without help. Infuriatingly, Rosie refuses to accept a life without drink and cigarettes. But a one-night stand with a local guy is set to turn Lorenz’s situation around. As Rosie’s condition steadily deteriorates, Lorenz almost fails to notice that love is knocking on the front door of his parent’s house. Auckland: Sat 24 May, 6.30pm Wellington: Mon 2 Jun (QB), 8pm *CRITICS’ CHOICE* IN THE NAME OF… W Imię Dir: Malgoska Szumowska, Poland, 2012, 97 mins, Polish with English subtitles Trailer Adam is a Catholic priest in rural Poland, working with troubled teenagers. Handsome and unconventional, the locals accept him as one of their own. But after meeting eccentric, silent Lukasz, son of a simple farming family, Father Adam faces a spiritual crisis. He wrestles with sexual feelings long suppressed as his attraction to soft-spoken Lukasz grows. Superbly acted, beautifully filmed in the lush Polish countryside, In the Name Of… asks important questions about faith, repression and the longing for love. Winner – Teddy Award, Best Film, Berlin Film Festival 2013 Auckland: Fri 30 May, 6.40pm Wellington: Wed 11 Jun, 6.30pm *CRITICS' CHOICE* MATTERHORN Total running time: 96mins Dir: Diederik Ebbinge, The Netherlands, 2013, 87 mins, Dutch with English subtitles Trailer Widower Fred lives alone since losing his wife and son. At 54, his life is one of stultifying routine, attending church and eating his green beans, meat and potatoes at 6 o’clock on the dot every day. One day he offers a room to mentally-impaired homeless man Theo, causing quite a stir in the neighbourhood. A dry, deadpan comedy, Matterhorn soars to one hell of an emotional climax that has had audiences cheering at screenings worldwide. Come see why. Preceded by dik. Six-year-old Andrew’s drawing leaves his parents questioning his sexuality, with disastrous consequences. Auckland: Mon 2 Jun (QB), 7.30pm Wellington: Sun 8 Jun, 7.45pm Christchurch Sat 14 Jun, 8.25pm TEST Dir: Chris Mason Johnson, USA, 2013, 98 mins Trailer Set in the free-spirited San Francisco of 1985, the visually stunning and beautifully choreographed Test focuses on young dancers Frankie and Todd as hate-love sparks fly between them. Novice Frankie is not quite butch enough for the choreographer, while company veteran Todd is both smoulderingly masculine and more sexually adventurous. Fear of the recently-named AIDS virus is palpable; nobody knew for certain how the disease spread, and dancers feared touching each other. As Frankie and Todd’s tentative romance deepens, the first HIV test is announced and they both wonder…should they take it? Auckland: Wed 28 May, 8.30pm                                                         Trailer An exuberant musical comedy that proves there’s no business like show business, and delivers some damn fine tunes along the way. Perky, naïve young Anthony is a musical theatre performer in Big Timber, Montana who dreams of being on Broadway. Cocky, handsome Tony works in a male stripper revue in NYC. Anthony envisions his big break when he enters a contest to be in an off-Broadway production, and Tony sees dollar signs when he finds a competition entitled ‘America’s Strip Search’. The thing is, these two contests are being run by the same company, and wouldn’t you know it but their submissions get mixed up…. Auckland: Wed 4 Jun, 8.20pm Wellington: Tue 10 Jun, 6.30pm *CRITICS' CHOICE* THE WAY HE LOOKS Hoje eu Quero Voltar Sozinho Dir: Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil, 96 mins, Portuguese with English subtitles (Trailer below) Out Takes 2012 audience favourite short, I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone, has been expanded into this impressive feature. Blind teenager Leo is fully integrated into his high school, though a few bullying kids occasionally make life unpleasant. His best friend Giovanna faithfully looks after him, and he’s chomping at the bit for independence from his over-protective parents. Then, along comes new classmate Gabriel, upending Leo’s world as he finds himself falling in love. The three young leads deliver outstanding performances in this affirmative, coming-of-age romance that’s bound to be another audience favourite. Auckland: Fri 23 May, 12.30pm   
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