Article Title:Review: Yes, Pam Ann was Plane Filthy!
Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:22nd February 2014 - 08:36 am
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Text:The temperature has already gone through the roof on the biggest weekend of the Auckland Pride Festival thanks to an outrageous, hilarious and utterly scandalous show by Pam Ann. The queen bitch of the skies had a near sell-out fabulously gay audience at the ASB Theatre in hysterics last night with her brand of no holds, or holes, barred humour. In fact, some people who clearly hadn’t done much research walked out early on. What did they expect?! An air hostess knitting convention?! It was clear from all the promotional material and, well, the name of the show ‘Plane Filthy’ that this was not for the easily offended brand of knitting Coronation St watching tea drinker. Even as the audience awaited the opening of the show crassly funny ‘ads’ for Pam Ann Airlines popped up on a giant screen. The AV work was fantastic, from the intro and the 'gays run the world' remix, to the three ‘in flight movies’ where Pam Ann put her own spin on the likes of Titanic and The Sound of Music. A pair of hot local dancers added some energy and the comedian managed to get the audience on their feet dancing a few times. Pam Ann clearly put plenty of work into her first New Zealand show – it wasn’t a rehash of things she has done all over the world. From Lorde to Lord of the Rings, we got a roasting. “You’re so friendly,” she remarked. “So inappropriately friendly it’s borderline molestation.” She admitted never watching Lord of the Rings, as she got tired of watching endless hill climbs in search of the ring – “I know where the ring is! It’s at Urge Bar!” Pam Ann made her show super Kiwi The best moments of the night were during the off the cuff audience interplay, where we got to know the front row, and they probably wished they hadn’t booked the closest seats to the stage! She got it back to, with one person shouting “put a bra on!” during the first act where she wore a hot cleavagey number ‘for the lesbians’. Nearly three hours of dirty talk, music, movie snippets and mocking of all cultures flew by, as it was clear Pam Ann was having as great a time as the audience and didn’t want to leave the stage. But when she did so it was with glitter cannons, dancers and a thundering “Happy Pride!”  Jacqui Stanford - 22nd February 2014    
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