Article Title:Meet: baby queen Cherry Poppins
Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:30th October 2013 - 09:37 am
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Text:Cherry Poppins has taken out Baby Queens, proving this pink-wigged performer is one to watch out for! Cherry tells us what drew her to drag and offers some advice for anyone thinking of stepping into some uber-high heels. Love the name! How did you come up with it? I believe the drag name is just as important as the drag persona itself; it’s your audience’s first insight into your world and your character! I wanted something playful, bright and bold. A name with enough oomph to support my character, and what better than a play on the eccentric childhood icon? How long have you been doing drag? I've been doing drag for around two months now, Family's birthday being Cherry’s first public appearance. What drew you to it? After spending every weekend, for the past three years, on the dance floor at Family Bar I can definitely say I have seen my share of drag shows. Seeing the massive amount of colour certain drag queens bring to the community encouraged me to get involved - my biggest inspiration being Wilma Balls-Drop, her exuberant colour and passion in amazing. What has the Baby Queens experience been like? Baby Queens was an incredible experience. Having the opportunity to take to the stage and work alongside some amazing girls was so much fun. Some very late nights learning lyrics, cutting and seeing outfits but all worth the effort. Nothing quite like being behind the curtain pre show and hearing the audience chant your name - the adrenalin is crazy. Have you had lots of support? The support from the community is incredible and has come from every angle imaginable - from the well-established queens to other babies like myself, it truly is like a second family. I love it!! A special mention must be made to Miss Ribena herself, hard to believe there would be a community without her. With the addition of more gay bars in the Auckland region, Legend Bar and Club and Poof Bar, it's exciting to see the community grow. It's almost a Drag takeover! What's your advice to anyone who wants to take the drag plunge? My advice for anyone wanting to take the plunge: get immersed in drag world, enjoy the vibrancy of it all. The bigger the better, it's your opportunity to cause a scene, encourage and inspire. Own what you do and do what you love. What's next for you in your drag career? I'm not too sure what's next - bigger shows, bigger costumes definitely. Personally I'm really looking forward to the 2014 Pride Festival - Ponsonby Road better watch out, Cherry Poppins is about to hit the street. And ... what do you do when you are not tearing it up as Cherry Poppins? Through the day Cherry Poppins works in a men's fashion retailer, little do my customers know...     Jacqui Stanford - 30th October 2013
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