Title: The Bishop of Bling is Revolting... Credit: Craig Young Comment Monday 21st August 2006 - 12:00pm1156118400 Article: 1387 Rights
Yes, the Bishop of Bling, Brian Tamaki, is stirring to life once again, and this time, he's revolting. Or so says the publicity for his latest extravaganza, "Revolution - The Event." How much should we be worried about this? Well, one of Tamaki's guests is his old mate "Bishop" Eddie Long of the New Missionary Baptist Church of Lithonia, Georgia. Long is anti-gay, and African-American lesbians and gay men have picketed his marches. Moreover, he's the employer of Bernice King, Martin Luther and Coretta King's fundamentalist daughter, and has repeatedly distorted the history of the civil rights movement, expunging African-American gay civil rights hero Bayard Rustin out of its history. As for the other one, T.D. Jakes has no outstanding antigay activism to report. He seems to be one of the more constructive elements of African-American Pentecostalism, more inclined to engage in antipoverty work than either of his associates. So, what is he up to, this time? Funny that John Tamihere shoots his mouth off at Radio Live, and now the Bishop of Bling has this little production number planned. Interestingly too, it's all taking place at one location - the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre, Manukau (20-22 October 2006). Hmmm. So, why is it limited to just one venue? Well, the Bishop's fleeced flock mightn't have been able to afford another march through Wellington or Auckland. And yes, he hasn't changed at all. Reading the blurb on his Revolution - The Even schedule, and on its website, Tamaki doesn't regret his Nuremberg style rally against the Civil Union Act, the Destiny New Zealand flop, or any of his other blunders through the last few years. One wonders if TelstraClear can be induced to abandon this through boycott of its products and services? Anyway, it's nice of Brian to provide us with a handy website to keep us posted. It'll be interesting to see who else turns up. Not recommended: Tamaki's websites (see biographies of speakers, and also itinerary for the event) Craig Young - 21st August 2006    
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