Title: Russia: How can we help? Credit: Russian LGBT Network Features Tuesday 13th August 2013 - 9:50am1376344200 Article: 13800 Rights
The Russian LGBT Network is getting floods of letters from people asking how they can help. It has plenty of advice: Dear all, We keep getting letters and questions from you, which is wonderful and shows how deeply you are committed to helping us and the whole Russian LGBT community in difficult times. Unfortunately, we have a lot of work to do and so we cannot answer to everyone separately. Most of the letters concern the ways in which an individual person or a group of active citizens could help us. Here are listed some examples from abroad of what to do - please, make even more events and make them public! Check out the Recent Posts by Others here on our profile, there are regularly published new initiatives, events and photos. - A kiss-in in Argentina, ‪#‎unbesoporrusia‬ in Twitter - Video of love in Canada, events/558164114220228/ - flashmobs and protests in front of Russian embassies, for example tomorrow in Stockholm, events/562072913832152/ We as an organisation welcome letters and videos of support to forward to the LGBT in Russia. Please, if you make a video, please try to make a Russian translation of the subtitles - if not possible, then please attach a text in English so that we could then translate it. Letters can be sent to our office and of course also emails are welcome. Unfortunately we don't have resources to translate and send forward very short messages, so preferably write either longer personal messages or write on behalf of your organization. You can also give us donations. For bank transfer details, please write to Put pressure on your politicians, demand them to contact their Russian colleagues and ask difficult questions! If you do sports, run for our freedom and make it big and public. All initiatives and ideas are welcome - be creative! Like us on Facebook, follow us, spread information about what's happening in Russia. Thank you - let's keep in touch! Russian LGBT Network - 13th August 2013    
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