Article Title:Jamie and Thomas' love story
Category:True Stories
Author or Credit:Jamie and Thomas, with
Published on:17th July 2013 - 02:30 am
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Text:One of the couples in the running for ZM’s Fabulous Gay Wedding have told us the story of how they got engaged, and it’s pretty ‘nawww’ inducing. Jamie and Thomas have kindly let us share their tale! On the 17th of February, Jamie flew up to Auckland for the weekend. On the 18th, Thomas went crazy. Like, panic attacks. Believing he’s Jesus. He got a total of 10 hours sleep over the first 5 days. It was nuts. Terrifying, actually. But it started with the best day ever. Like, do you remember the popular kid at school? How everyone wanted to talk to them, and they dispensed their attention like a benevolent emperor? Thomas had that. In spades, it was awesome. Then it turned. Completely. To full paranoia. So Thomas met this bunch of girls. They kept telling him funny things, so he asked them to write jokes in this notebook. The alpha girl felt her social territory was invaded, or something, so she scribbled over this notebook. For some reason, that set him off. Thomas grabbed the notebook and left. But he did it in a spy movie way. He waited at the door, in case someone followed him. After five minutes, he sprinted to the corner of the block, and then walked the last few feet, pretending to check his phone. He sprinted the next block, then actually went into a bar and watched out the window. Then he sat outside his apartment building for half an hour, eyes wide open. All completely seriously. At that moment, Jamie was dancing in Auckland. He was plastered. Just completely pissed. He checked his phone and saw a missed call from Thomas. So Jamie phoned him back. Thomas said something like: "Jamie? Stay on the phone until I get inside, I think I'm in danger. Don’t worry too much, but my brain's doing these weird things." Which is the wrong thing to say if you don’t want someone to worry. But they agreed that Jamie should fly back. Thomas didn’t sleep that night. He’d realised something and just kept thinking it, over and over. “I want to marry Jamie. I want to marry Jamie. I want to marry Jamie.” Jamie woke up full of concern. JK! He woke up hung over. You know, the kind of hung over where you don't even remember the flight home. Thomas taxi’d to the airport, way too early. He sat right next to the arrivals and tried to read a book. It was hard because the words blurred when teared up. Jamie's flight came in. This crowd of passengers went past and Thomas looked at every face. He couldn’t stand to wait any longer. The feeling’s hard to describe, except comparing it to children. You know, when they want a cookie and they want it right now and they won’t be okay until it’s there. The crowd cleared. Everyone was off the plane. No Jamie. Thomas panicked. he checked the flight details, then checked them again, because there wasn’t anything else to do. Then, Jamie appeared. He'd waited for everyone else to get off, like a bastard. Thomas clung to Jamie. Seriously, he just bawled into his shoulder. Jamie’s freaked out because Thomas never cries. But Jamie think it’s cute, so he puts on his mum voice and says. “Hey, we can’t stay here in the hallway, babe. Come on, shall we go to a café? What do you want to do? And Thomas said "... marry me." We told you, nawww! You can find out about all the couples in the finals for the ZM competition and vote for your favourite here     Jamie and Thomas, with - 17th July 2013
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