Article Title:Pride review: One Night Only
Author or Credit:Hannah Spyksma
Published on:15th February 2013 - 09:31 am
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Text:“One Night Only – An intimate evening with Buckwheat and Tess” - Review thanks to Hannah Spyksma Drag queens: they’re not just pretty faces. Take off the wigs, slip out of the sequins, peel back the layers of make-up and you’ll most likely find charming men. One Night Only pictures thanks to Andrea That’s where an intimate night with Buckwheat and Tess Tickle started. The one-off event was a rare glimpse into the mystical world of drag and it seems a lot of people were gagging to find out what how the charming Edward Cowley (Bucky) and Anthony Hotere (Tess) transformed into ladies – or parodies of ladies, as the divas put it. The packed audience at the Bluestone Room on Durham Lane watched as Bucky and Tess, as the long-time friends affectionately refer to each other, went from burly men to decorated divas. Sitting on stage that was set up as their makeup room – bright lights and all - eye lashes and lashings of sparkly lipstick were applied. Slip-on under gowns were then slipped off in exchange of tights and layers of underwear. Literally layers and layers of underwear. Like true artists, the whole affair was a performance and the two queens chatted their way through their metamorphosis. They described their love for drag, how they got into the scene and why, after 24-years as Buckwheat told the audience and was reminded by her dear friend Tess, they’re still here doing this. The brilliant Buckwheat (photo by Andrea) Together the duo busted myths and challenged assumptions of what the life of a queen is like. To confirm: No, neither wants to be a lady. They’re both quite happy as out and proud gay men, despite enjoying the art of dressing as a lady. Love is just as complicated when you’re a drag queen – nothing’s ever simple. No, they don’t do gigs for the money (because frankly the pay’s not that good, they say) and yes, they do enjoy a tipple or two to get them into the mood of the night. And just in case you were wondering – Buckwheat can still win an arm wrestle no matter whether she’s dressed as Edward or in a frock. I would tell you all the other secrets they shared but that would be giving the game away – so if you want to know more about the inside life of a drag queen then I’d say keep your eyes peeled for another intimate night with the talented two. An evening well worth experiencing! Despite being charming, eloquent and down-to earth men, Buckwheat and Tess Tickle are there to entertain, and so after their transformation they got to work and did what they do best – performed in drag. The set became the stage and you know how the rest of the night goes; they’re funny, outrageous, over-the-top, glamorous, glittered up, entertaining and just plain fun to be around. The shows are sparkly and fabulous and make you want to delve right back into the 90s with Mariah. But these queens really aren’t just pretty faces and after a night watching their transformation I don’t think I could quite see what they do in same way again. There is no doubt about it, drag is an art, and Buckwheat and Tess Tickles are masters of their craft. Hannah Spyksma - 15th February 2013    
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