Article Title:A taste of Laquisha
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Published on:9th January 2013 - 09:40 am
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Text:The outrageously hilarious Laquisha Redfern offers a taste of what we can expect when she MCs Out in the Square, in Wellington next weekend. From resurrecting Dusty Springfield, to singing karaoke for Helen Clark, this interview has it all! What’s awesome about Out in the Square? I’m MCing but if that’s not enough to woo you; it’s an amazing feel-good day, where you get to meet old friends ‘n whanau from the queer community and catch up on who’s doing what and who. It's also a chance to be entertained by our ferocious and fabulous Wellington performers. Another fun aspect is the treasures excavated from lesbian attics, and gay basements. They always make me think of the TV show Hoarders, or Antiques Roadshow, depending on the amount of gold gilt or the tightness of the macramé weaves. If I gave you an Elephant where would you hide it? In my snatch of course… It’s like a TARDIS! The number of ChapSticks® I've lost in that thing. It’s horrifying when you’re on the bus and fumbling around, searching for your Snapper. All the while getting the evils from the white women sitting in the front seats. What are you working on at the moment? Well, aside from my divine teacher Suryagita Cox’s vocal coaching, I'm in the planning phase of something special for 2013. I can't say too much, but I've secured the services of a Comms Consultant, an Events Coordinator and I’m looking for an upright bass player whose life goal is to perform with a Drag Queen. If you were stranded on Mana Island, what three types of stockings would you take? Leopard stockings for protection from our highly dangerous Piopio our native thrush; they’re terrified of anything resembling a domestic cat since that terrible incident where Tibbles ate the Stephens Island Wren into extinction. Then I'd take an old pair of Bridget Jones’ so I could go white baiting with 'em –I'd need to eat and I do so adore white bait. I'd also take my voodoo stockings. They used to belong to a prominent public figure, but I nicked them off her clothes line under the cover of night. She thinks that sciatica is caused by getting older; when in fact it's caused by me, exacting my revenge on a soulless psychopath, with a pin. There’s nothing like a bit of black magic to pass the time. Who would you take on a date to outer space Karaoke and what song would you sing? Helen Clark, because she’s marvellous and I adore her. And as for the song, it's simple: ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Julie London. Glow’s the theme for the official after party, what top tips can you give our readers for looking fabulous? Be careful of body fluids, they’ll show up in black light situations. I was considering getting black lights for my lounge at one point, but changed my mind after watching CSI. My top tip to avoid a “Monica Lewinski situation” wash all clothes using wool wash or a detergent specially formulated for blacks, as neither of these contain optical brighteners which will react to a UV light source. If you were a mermaid in the Out in the Square Pool Party, how and who would you lure to Thorndon Pool? Of course I’d use my alluring siren talents… I’d sing ‘The Look of Love’ by Dusty Springfield, it will work well because of my newly stolen beehive! I’d lure noted Thespian Paul Jendon from Circa theatre - I've had healthy heterosexual womanly feelings for him for years; his shows are always hilarious. It’s the last performance of Out in the Square 2013… what dead singer(s) would you love to resurrect zombie style and perform with? Dusty Springfield, I’d resurrect that fabulous ‘ol dyke in a heartbeat – she gives me lesbian flushes. It’d also be the perfect opportunity to snatch her beehive hair and take it for my own mwaahaahaa – it’d come off easily from a zombie, like well cooked chicken off the bone. Out in the Square, Wellington’s famous queer fair, has been running since 1985. The next Out in the Square’s on Sat 19 January 2013 at Civic Square. There will also be an official Out in the Square after party on Sunday 20 January – and a steamy pool party in the evening of the 19 January - more info at       - 9th January 2013
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