Article Title:Merry Christmas!
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Published on:24th December 2012 - 04:59 pm
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Text:From comedians to MPs, some of our favourite people have Christmas messages to share with you! Lesbian comedian Urzila Carlson “Well it's been a big year. If I can get a Christmas wish granted this year, I'd wish that the marriage equality bill before parliament gets passed so that we can get married or not, but at least have the same rights as anyone else. “But while we wait I'm going to spend the holidays with family in Auckland. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and have fun, be safe, put sunscreen on, wear your safety belt, don't drink and drive, remember everything your momma taught you! “Be kind to one another. “See you all in the new year x” Rainbow Labour MP Louisa Wall “Meri Kirihimete mo te Tau Hou! It is the end of another year and with summer holidays on the horizon, I find my thoughts on family, friends and fellowship. It's time to reflect on experiences and achievements this year and to plan to build on and prepare for further success in 2013. “This can only happen with an ability to relax and unwind so we can recharge and prepare for such things as the second reading of the marriage amendment bill which is scheduled to take place 20 March. “I wish everyone happy and safe holidays - take care and look after each other.” Christchurch’s one and only Miss Mole “Merry Christmas one and all. I hope everyone out there has the bestest and the grandest Christmas Ever!! And Santa brings you everything you want......May the New Year be full of wonderful things and bring you all many great and fabulous things. Have fun, play safe ,be nice to each other and remember life is short so don’t be afraid to try new and exciting things! Xxxx” Rainbow Green MP Kevin Hague “It's been a momentous year for our communities with an unexpected giant stride towards eliminating one of the last legislative barriers to full legal equality. Whether or not we personally want to marry, Parliament send society a signal about homophobia by whether it permits discrimination by the State or not. That signal is powerful in either supporting or preventing other expression of homophobia. The emphatic 80-40 result for the First Reading was a great start. “I hope everyone has a fabulous festive season with plenty of rest, relaxation and fun. Take time to appreciate our good fortune to live in this country where "a fair go" is part of our national aspiration, and reset ourselves to work hard again for our communities in 2013.” Bruce Kilmister, General Manager of HIV-positive people's support and advocacy organisation Body Positive. "I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. This is always the time of the year when we like to be merry and have a good time, but please go easy on the booze and go hard on the condoms.” Rainbow Labour MP Charles Chauvel “I'd like to wish you and all your readers a restful break as we all look forward with hope to making progress in 2013. “Special good wishes to all who contacted me in response to my work on the final report of the UN Global Commission on HIV and the Law when it was published in July. And to all those who've worked so hard to support Louisa Wall's marriage equality bill, well done - I look forward to celebrating with you next year when, hopefully, it passes into law.” Queer Avengers “It’s that time of year again, when all around us insist we ‘get into the spirit’, that we celebrate the time of year with family and friends. It is quite likely you are not able to get away from it, work, school, shops and at home. But for some in our communities, this time of year is a shit one. Families, who do not accept, workmates who cannot understand a desire to not partake, school friends who are gearing up to spending time with extended family. “Homophobia and transphobia is still prevalent and can often feel even more extreme at the moment. Some of ours are excluded, or at least made to feel bad or inappropriate, asked to ‘not say anything’ to upset the extended family. “Please remember this time of year is not all snowflakes and cherries for all of us and if you need someone to talk to, help is at hand.” Wellington Gay Welfare Group (04) 473 7878 OUTLine 0800 688 5463 Youthline 0800 37 66 33 wishes you all a brilliant Christmas!!!!!!!! staff - 24th December 2012    
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