Article Title:Gay Sex in the 70s; dirtyglitter
Author or Credit:John Curry
Published on:27th May 2006 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:1259
Text:Review: Gay Sex in the 70s Dir: Joseph F Lovett USA, 2005, BetaSP, 70mins Actually, it's gay sex in New York in the 70s, but who's complaining? It's a fascinating mix of archival footage (some from porn movies) and still photographs, accompanying a number of survivors' tales of their adventures during that decade of 'sexual liberation'. The general consensus is that it was a reaction to the repression they had known while growing up - 'I was the only gay in the village' sort of thing. So they all went sex mad once they got to New York... They remember the notorious abandoned wharves ('the piers'), the dance clubs (with some inside poop on Club 54), the bathhouses (with Bette Midler supposedly handing out poppers during her show) and oh those idyllic summers at Fire Island. What is most amazing is the number of available men in almost every shot! Something had to give. And of course it did. The movie ends in '81 with the first mention of AIDS. The guys are all great talkers and we see a photo or two of what they each looked like way back then. It's a satisfying mix of history, nostalgia and - you guessed it - sex! Preceded by dirtyglitter 1: Damien Dir: Aron Kantor USA, 2005, BetaSP, 13mins Before the main feature, there's a short movie about a 'glitter' boy - an addict of sorts. Although the story is one big cliche, it's an elegant piece with stylish visuals, some strong performances and a satisfying tone overall which holds your attention. John Curry - 27th May 2006    
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