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We are sharing some of the thousands of submissions being made for marriage equality. Akira La Fevre writes: “I don't want special rights because I am gay, I want equal rights because I am human.” If you would like to share your submission, just email it to We are happy to remove names for more sensitive submissions. Akira La Fevre As a child I grew up believing that marriage is first and foremost about love. This is something my parents also believed 54 years ago when they held each other’s hands in a small country church in front of all their friends and family. As a small child and later a young adult I watched my sisters marry the man they love and my friends marry their fiances. I have helped organise their weddings and in several occasions have been best man to both grooms and brides. As honoured as I was to be part of their special day with each wedding I attended I found myself a little sad that I was attending something I could never have myself. It was then I started to ask myself why? Why am I not allowed to marry the person I love. I know I am just as every good a person as my friends and family. All my life I have studied hard, held down professional jobs, paid back my student loan while paying my taxes. I am by all means a law abiding citizen who donates both time and money back to my community, charities and those less fortunate than I. It just puzzles me that as a graphic designer I can design and sell as many wedding invitations as I like and when asked can sign a friend’s wedding papers as a witness, but when I want to apply for a marriage certificate I am denied purely because of the person I love. I don't want special rights because I am gay, I want equal rights because I am human. I want the same rights that my Mum and Dad have had for the past 54 years. When the time comes I dream of nothing more than seeing my friends and family watch my Dad walk me down the aisle at my own wedding, a wedding that just like my parents is based on equal love. This is why I support Louisa Wall's Marriage Equality Bill. Thank you Akira Le Fevre. Akira Le Fevre - 10th December 2012    
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