Article Title:Teenage day dream and other poems
Category:NZ Writing
Author or Credit:Patrick Graham
Published on:21st October 2012 - 12:15 pm
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Text:We asked for submissions for our NZ Writing section and the talented Patrick Graham is among those who have responded. We share his beautifully visual poetry from his an unpublished chap book called “The Despondency Suite”. *If you have GLBT-related writing you would like to share email it to … teenage day dream i asked for a pash you said let’s snog we were 16 you'd stuck your elbow in me to get my attention on the bus home you'd tempted me with rum and coke that you'd smuggled out of your parents liquor cabinet delirious with alcohol i kissed you your face dusted with a light covering of teenaged stubble in answer to a posting asking for sex "Euro guy 47 smooth 7" Cut versatile East Auckland Has place and can travel msg me for more details" Shouldn't we go to dinner first? perhaps the sex is dinner? Maybe. Now I'm worried about calories. I'm watching my figure. It's getting easier to see every day. what you would be eating is mainly protein and water Don't forget the zinc! Very good for one's skin. i heard it makes a good moisturiser It also gets stains off the pan and stops doors from squeaking. examination number 2 trail of hairs running from your navel to... brief glimpse above your shorts as you stretch in the afternoon sun i hold your waist you stretch out arching your back towards me brush touch snuggles love bliss idol wish wish i was river phoenix in my own private idaho red pants narcoleptic sleeping snap shots of life would i have to sleep with udo keir drifting wakefulness speadball death the road to hell is paved with bad sex you came to my door last night i answered politely you said let's fuck temptations a strong compelling force i gave you a condom and directions to hell Amyl nitrate guitars grind fuzz white noise you smell like sex who cares stars pulse spin and fade my head throbs a small brown bottle in your hand release goodbye number 2 when i wake i think of how nice it was to put my head on your chest the thump of your heart but then the smell of sweat and cum and shit and the realisation that this isn't permanent our drunken fumble our reconnection was brief and final extended coda with light on the way home i wondered could they tell what happened is there a smell or perhaps a look maybe a visible aura the sun is harsh i'm hung over but i do glow rough sex when i looked in the mirror the day after we fucked you'd ripped my face with your stubble passionate yes but the evidence of our tryst looks like sunburn two days later it peeled and you were gone vanila sex tedious i said you're patterned the same similar ...predictable you said i try i said i know you're very trying     Patrick Graham - 21st October 2012
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