Article Title:Mr Gay Wellington 2012: Sam McLeod
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Published on:18th September 2012 - 01:51 pm
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Text:Meet the new Mr Gay Wellington Sam McLeod, a musical theatre major who took out the prize at Bodega over the weekend. He tells us about coming out, the types of guys he admires and some of the things he loves.   What do you think tipped the scales in your favour in the competition? Not too sure what tipped the scales toward my way, but I do remember one the organisers saying that the "Solve a problem of the world" category was the deciding factor......or something like that...I wasn’t really paying attention. I went hard-core and chose world peace. What do you do for a job/study? I'm in my last year at study, doing a Bachelor of Applied Arts - Musical theatre. I'm usually performing or choreographing outside of school hours. What's your background, and where did you grow up? My parents like to move around a lot. Grew up in small towns. Born in Paraparaumu, moved to Turangi, Shannon, Masterton, Whakatane and now Welly. When did you come out as gay, and what was it like for you at the time? I came out when I was 14, In Whakatane. Told a couple of close mates in Masterton before the move. Mama cried heaps as "I'm scared you'll be alone", was one of the things she said. She was all good with it but she knew what had happened to gay people before and she didn't want bad things for her child. She did ask for one more go with a girl, just to make sure. Came out to my school after my Mama's last chance girl broke up with me after a four day weekend hahaha. I balled, feeling I had failed my Mama. Everyone else just thought I was a pussy haha. My step-brother was a bit jealous that we went for the same girl and I got her so spread the rumour that I was gay. He had no Idea hahah. When people asked I basically said yes. It was pretty easy. After that it got pretty dark but I was dealing with kids as I was a kid myself. Friends I lost, The Kids that teased and beat me got over the fact that I was gay and I was breaking a lot of the moulds they had placed in their heads. All of a sudden I had people defending me in tough situations. It was great! It became as normal as it should have been Whakatane saw me as me. Not just a gay person. Me. What's your relationship status, and what kind of guys do you most admire? Hahah yeah I'm single. What kind of guys do I admire? Hmmm That's pretty hard. I like guys that aren't afraid to be themselves and willing to explore that, Not take life too seriously, random, know how to get what they want but not be a dick about it and who use their manners. Examples? Well I don't know famous people personally so I can't really say, but guys who have done things I admire especially in the performing world. Bob Fosse and Neil Patrick Harris. What do you think are the most pressing issues currently facing the NZ's LGBT community? Now this is a hard question and to be honest I don't know much the LGBT community. I know the equal rights marriage bill is a huge thing and AIDS has always been an issue. Without more research and experience within this area I can't really say much more. What's your worst habit? I have so many bad habits! To pick one......... would be that I suck at keeping in contact. Everyone is with me every day in memories, new ways of doing and saying thing, lessons learned, blah blah blah, I just forget that I haven't seen people. What's your biggest fear? My biggest fear is becoming a dick. Where I lose respect for myself. I don't really care what people think of me but I matter to me and if I lose that........That's fucken scares me. Your favourite music at the moment? Loving Karmin- Hello/ Brokenhearted at the moment, Also Feist- When I Was a Young Girl, and Tracey Chapman- Give me one reason/ Fast car. I like whatever sounds good to my ear. I tend to dig separate songs, not so much focus on albums or artists. Any books or magazines you're reading and recommending? Books, I'm not an avid reader, but I like A Home at the End of the World, Dan Brown's books, The Quest by Wilbur smith and The Power of One. Your favourite movies? Pan's Labyrinth, Green Mile, Shoot 'em up and Scott Pilgrim vs The World are some of the movies that I dig Your favourite TV programmes? Easy! 90's X-Men cartoon, How I met your mother, Miranda, The Pretender, Charmed and Community. Your favourite websites? I like Facebook. Ummm also coz I like Naruto and it links me to other anime..... Yeah I like anime hahah! If you could have one wish granted what would it be? Obtain the cure for Scleroderma. Who are your LGBT heroes? I don't really have heroes. But Harvey Milk seemed like he had balls. Georgina Beyer too. Hahaha just realised they are both political, I'm so not Hahah. What's coming up in the near future for you? Finish my Degree this year and then try to figure it out hahahaha. I'll have to leave New Zealand and to try and get performing work. Maybe write enough songs to make and album, Choreograph shows, Try and develop my "DJ! Let the battle play!" show concept which is an assessment show for my degree. - 18th September 2012
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