Title: Out Takes Review: Going Down in La-La Land Credit: Jacqui Stanford Movies Monday 28th May 2012 - 9:22am1338153720 Article: 11802 Rights
Dir: Casper Andreas, USA, 2011, Blu-Ray, 107 mins Censor's rating: R18 - Contains drug use, sex scenes, offensive language Auckland: Tuesday 29 May 6:30pm Wellington: Saturday 2 Jun 8:30pm Think Queer as Folk, the US series, and you will get a sense of the hot mess of fun, sex and comedy that Going Down in LA-LA Land has brought to Out Takes. From Casper Andreas, director of The Big Gay Musical and Violet Tendencies, Going Down in La-La Land is sweet, romantic, camp and funny, an incredibly easy watch with plenty of eye candy. It centres around the utterly beautiful Adam (Matthew Ludwinski) comes to LA where he finds himself battling a city full of other wannabe actors for a day job, any day job. He moves in with the comic centre of the film, the hilarious Candy, another wannabe actor. She’s in the midst of relationship problems and offers a tirade of hilarious lines like “I’m not going to marry you! I’d rather blow William H Macy!” and when she figures out the relationship may be doomed “shit, I might have to get a day job.” The writing is witty, especially for Candy, especially when she makes up a story at a party about a bulimic elephant instead of admitting she is another wannabe actor. As Adam negotiates romance, and gets his kit off to make some cash, the film steams up. The sex is hot, but not as full-on as the wall-to-wall fucking in Queer as Folk. Andreas himself appears as a photographer-turned-junkie, adding a bit of grit to the film. A great date movie, with plenty of ‘awww’ moments, plenty of laughs and lots of surprise cameos. Take someone you love - or someone you’d like to! Jacqui Stanford - 28th May 2012    
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