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Published on:6th May 2012 - 11:15 am
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Text:Whether you’re a lesbian who loves alternative music, a gay boy who loves Bollywood, or anyone who loves ballroom, or none of the above, there’s bound to be something for you in the documentary line-up at Out Takes. Arts and entertainment Love alternative music and women who rock? Hit So Hard Dir: P. David Ebersole, USA, Digibeta, 103 mins Auckland: Friday 25 May 6:30pm Auckland: Monday 28 May 8:30pm Wellington: Sunday 3 Jun 4:40pm Wellington: Tuesday 5 Jun 8:30pm Patty Schemel was nearly Nirvana's drummer, but Kurt Cobain lost her to Courtney Love's band Hole which had a meteoric rise to fame at the height of the grunge era in the early 1990s. An out lesbian, Patty thrived in a corner of the music industry that didn't always show much respect for women or drummers. But the faster the rise, the harder the fall, and Patty's fall from the top nearly killed her. Archival footage spanning Patty's career, and many brutally honest interviews with friends and bandmates, combine to tell one hell of a story of addiction, recovery and rock and roll. Patty has also drummed for Juliette Lewis and the Licks, Pink and Phranc, and collaborated with Gina Gershon and Linda Perry on “Stupidstar”. A couple of small gems within this engrossing documentary: Phranc explains how grunge borrowed its aesthetic from lesbians, and Debbi Peterson (of the Bangles) and Gina Schock (of the Go-Go's) weigh in on what it's like to be a “girl drummer” in the rock industry. Nuts for dance? Ballroom Rules Dir: Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe, Australia, 2012, Digibeta, 77 mins Auckland: Sunday 3 Jun 6:15pm Wellington: Sunday 10 Jun 4:50pm Ballroom Rules follows gay and lesbian ballroom dancers from Dance Cats as they battle homophobia, injury and personal dramas in pursuit of their dream of competing in the world's biggest same-sex dancesport competition at the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany. A Bollywood fan? Looking For Gay Bollywood Dir: Nasha Gagnebin, France, 2012, Digital, French with English subtitles; Total running time: 86 mins Auckland: Friday 1 Jun 6:45pm Wellington: Friday 8 Jun 6:40pm Sequins! Spectacle! Shirtless boys dancing! ...there's plenty to enjoy in this landmark documentary looking at the representation of homosexuality in Indian cinema, and particularly within Mumbai's Bollywood film industry. Interviews with actors, film makers and producers illuminate the history of queer content in Bollywood, from crude early depictions of effete villains and camp buffoons, to more recent romantic gay and lesbian storylines - including the explicit Amen, screening in this program also. Rock hard for Rock Hudson? Rock Hudson: Dark and Handsome Stranger Dir: Andrew Davies   
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