Article Title:A liason cop for homophobes, necrophiliacs too?
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Published on:16th October 2003 - 12:00 pm
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Text:A transcript of Radio Pacific talkback host Mark Bennett's comments yesterday following the appointment of a Waikato police gay liason officer: "The Waikato police now have a gay and lesbian police officer, and I don't mean he's gay or lesbian, I mean he's, he's, well he tells us he's straight, so does his family, his kids, I'm sure he is. His job is to be Waikato's gay and lesbian police officer. Now what's that all about? I mean I thought cops were just simply there to enforce the law, weren't, weren't they? I mean are, are we going to see, I mean here's a question, are we going to see, are we going to see a cop for homophobics, because if you've got a cop who deals with homos, that's on the one side of the equation, you've really got to have a cop who deals with the homophobics, don't you, the ones who hate homos, in the same way that homos hate anti homos. Are you going to have a cop for necrophiliacs, someone who's going to do all the spadework? You've got to have a cop for sadomasochists, and anyone who rings me up and asks me what that's all about, don't bother, I'm not going to answer. But the point I'm trying to make here is, cops are meant to be for everybody. What's the point of having a cop for gay and lesbians? Here's another question, the only reason you'd have a cop appointed in this country to, to work with gay and lesbians is because we've got a Labour government, wouldn't you? I can't, I can't imagine it ever happening under any other government. I mean where's, where's the initiative come from? Boy, if you happen to be a gay or a lesbian in this, in this country, the last three years under Labour have been absolute heaven, haven't you? You've got property splits, you've got the ability to have kids even though you're same sex partners, you've got the ability to, you've got the ability to, to get married and now you've got your own cop. This government has done extremely well for gays and lesbians. I don't know how the rest of us have got on but hey, maybe it's worth changing, do you think? Rather be heterosexual, you're being disadvantaged, why be disadvantaged? Don't be disadvantaged. This is the age, under Labour, of the gay and lesbian, do not miss out i'm imploring you. If you're listening anywhere around the country, examine your sexuality. If you've ever, if you're a guy and ever worn aftershave, who knows, I mean subliminally you could be gay, and if you are there are enormous economic benefits under Labour to being a gay. Be proud, come out, get your hands on the money while it's going, don't be a fool. - 16th October 2003    
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