Article Title:2012 Oscars: gay round-up
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Published on:27th February 2012 - 02:33 pm
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Text:2012 is a year of slim pickings for the Oscars, in terms of out actors and glbti content. But they don’t call it the ‘gay Superbowl’ for nothing, so we have a round-up of anything even slightly gay-ish from the awards ceremony of the year. Zachary Quinto and JC Chandor The red carpet Recently-out Star Trek and Heroes actor Zachary Quinto is one of the actors we spotted on the red carpet. He was with writer and director JC Chandor, who was up for Best Original Screenplay for Margin Call. Project Runway host Tim Gunn was one of the red carpet hosts, and we can’t blame him for wanting to keep busy considering his strange revelation in January he’s be celibate for no less than 29 years!. Surely that made it a struggle to focus while interviewing Brad Pitt? The stellar actor and glbti advocate was without his (is she still bi?) partner Angelina Jolie for his interview, but she was on the red carpet, showing a dangerous bit of leg, ka-pow! In the style stakes: Gwyneth Paltrow, Rooney Mara, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Williams were judged best-dressed by red carpet host and fashion journalist Nina Garcia, while Jessica Chastain won the audience vote. Check them out here: The ceremony Thank goodness the classic Billy Crystal is the host and not Eddie Murphy, who thankfully stepped down as host, following in the footsteps of producer Brett Ratner who quit over a “rehearsal is for fags” quip. The Oscars started with a definitive montage of Crystal in nominated films and a Justin Beiber cameo … we must say Crystal as Tintin was disturbing ... but now, after a trademark bit of Billy Crystal song and dance, to the jokes and the awards! The awards Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of an elderly man who comes out as gay following his wife's death in Beginners. At 82 he is the oldest actor ever to win an Oscar. Plummer paid tribute to the film’s writer and director Mike Mills, who based the story on his relationship with his own gay father.  Glenn Close missed out on Best Actress for her role as the title character in Albert Nobbs, a character born a woman but living as a man in 19th Century Ireland. It went to Meryl Streep for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. And no he's not gay but congratulations to Kiwi boy Bret McKenzie for picking up an Oscar for his songwriting! If the Oscars just aren't gay enough for you this year, check out Ellen (soooo lesbian!) and Neil Patrick Harris (soooo gay!) re-enacting snippets from nominated films below: - 27th February 2012    
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