Article Title:Tri-Nations dance caps triumphant Bear Week
Author or Credit:Leif Wauters
Published on:21st February 2012 - 12:57 pm
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Text:Picture by Robert Barry In many ways my review of last Saturday's Tri-Nations, the pinnacle party of Get It On! Bear Week New Zealand, could possibly be both the easiest and hardest I've ever written. However,I first need to ask why we do this? By "this" I mean two things: throw dance parties and review them. I've done both and have my reasons. I would hope the drive behind other promoters and reviewers would stem from similar roots. To me, dance parties are our (human's) way to celebrate our increasingly difficult lives and to share a little joy with our extended family, both those we know and are yet to. My promoter side would say that if you want a better party you have to throw it yourself. That's why I've volunteered a large chunk of my life to help bring some incredible club moments to life. On the flip side, I started reviewing parties to help raise the bar, to remind other promoters that their guests deserve the best, from space to music to experience. It's also been my goal to encourage DJs to play their damned hearts out for adoring fans who feed off every note. Finally, if I've raised the expectations of party goers and reminded them that they're the consumers and should support those events that show some care and consideration (for them and the greater community) then I've done my job. To that end I’ve adopted a rating system started by my dear friend and age-long partier, Joe Jervis (of JoeMyGod fame). Five bottles of water spells a perfect party and here’s how I feel Tri-Nations stacked up: The Space - I've written so much about Auckland's 420 Club that I can only say it's perfect for this event. It's the right size for the crowd, the location couldn't be better, there's plenty of room to dance and chill, and there are enough bathrooms and bar staff to keep waiting to a minimum. The biggest win this time was the temperature that was awesome all night. Despite it being a toasty day and comfy evening, the airflow inside was constant and boiling pot memories of the past never materialised. Yay! The Décor - The boys from Urge Bar, our hosts for the night, attended to every detail beautifully. The LED wall behind the DJ booth was simple and playful, the ingenious Bear New Zealand logo banners slowly turning on little mirror ball motors were inspired, and the lighting and lasers were superbly executed (and gleefully all night) by light-meister Kent. Most other details were successful carryovers from previous Urge dances, like the hunky images splashed on the chain wall, but one major addition I loved was the photo-op wall at the entrance manned by gifted photographer Robert Barry. In such a tight space they did a great job of squeezing it in. Expert decor was indeed all around - respectful and delightful. Picture by Robert Barry The Music - The dance floor started filling earlier than normal thanks to the groovy beats of loveable local DJ James Leuii who capped his set with a fluid and touching Whitney medley. At midnight the decks were turned over to Sydney's mile-high muscle cub DJ/producer Matt Effect who held nothing back from his first song and churned out a tireless parade of fist-pumping tracks that jammed the floor with sweaty bods hungry for every note! Our final maestro was DJ Tim McLoone who was new to our little Kiwi scene. Having cut his teeth in the late-night arches of London, he brought his brand of aggressive beats to a very appreciative crowd, keeping the boys and bears sweating till the bitter end when many stumbled down the block to Family, not ready to let the beat stop. Although there were bits of enjoyable music throughout the night, the general soundtrack was much harder than my partner and I would have hoped for. That said, the kids LOVED IT and the over-the-top energy in the room proved that all the DJs did an outstanding job. They all played well-constructed and appreciated sets, so I can't let our personal taste for more verbal and progressive beats draw water from their musical bottle. Picture by Robert Barry The Beauty/Community - By Kiwi standards this party broke the gauge! Bears from around Oceania that had been bonding through the week took their grinding to the dance floor, cherishing the abundant love and sweat. Both furry and smooth physiques were well represented in the best blend I've seen an Urge party pull to date. They were young, old, husky, svelte, you name it - all playing as happily on the dance floor as they were in dark corners. The Overall Experience - Not only is there little to fault in this hugely successful edition of Tri-Nations but they get extra points for taking cumulative feedback to heart and presenting it back to the community in such loving fashion. This includes the beverage specials that pulled water back down to $5 a bottle, a place I hope it continues to hold. Thank you for that!   Picture by Robert Barry Urge Bar, 420 Club, the gifted DJs and all the lovely BearNZ volunteers deserve all five bottles of water for an incredible night. Drink up boys, you've earned it. This and Leif’s other global party reviews can be found on SF-based event blog The Juice Box. Leif Wauters - 21st February 2012    
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