Article Title:Why should we vote for you?
Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:25th November 2011 - 11:24 am
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Text:Pretty simple question really, and one which we gave all the out candidates a chance to answer ahead of tomorrow's election. Here are the replies we received, in alphabetical order. Kelly Buchanan – Alliance, Wellington Central Why should glbti people in your electorate vote for you? Well Grant Robertson is guaranteed a seat via the list anyway, so who you vote for in Wellington Central isn't going to make a direct difference to the next parliament. Why not support another left-wing queer candidate? And it's a good way to indicate support for Alliance policies if you're not willing to risk your party vote on a party that's unlikely to reach the undemocratic 5% threshold. Why should glbti people vote for your party? The Alliance is extremely queer-friendly (I'm pretty sure we were the first to officially support same-sex marriage), and we've got a whole raft of fantastic policies that would make a real difference. Labour tends not to do anywhere near enough to counter National's right wing agenda, and on too many issues the big two are interchangeable (eg support for free trade, US imperialism), while the Greens can focus excessively on environmental issues at the expense of social justice and have a tendency to be a bit too capitalism-friendly. And if your political preferences are more centrist, having the Alliance around makes Labour look more moderate in comparison - much like National can be seen as "not as bad as ACT". Jordan Carter – Labour, List Why should glbti people vote for your party? GLBTI people should vote Labour because our track record shows we deliver equality and respect for our communities -- and that's what we'll do again in government. Charles Chauvel - Labour, Ohariu Why should glbti people in your electorate vote for you? I'm standing against Peter Dunne, who's been an MP for 27 years, brought a bunch of fundamentalists into Parliament with him in 2002 and voted against civil unions in 2005. I offer all voters in Ohariu, including LGBTI voters, proven competence, fresh energy, and firm principles, rather than the tired old opportunism of my opponent. Why should glbti people vote for your party? Labour has been delivering the opportunity for equality and dignity to LGBTI voters since homosexual law reform in 1986. Our record, and our policies going into this election, show that we are prepared to do the right thing, even when it isn't always the popular thing. Rachel Goldsmith – Greens, Clutha-Southland Why should glbti people in your electorate vote for you? I'm openly bisexual and I know how tough being GLBTI in NZ is - my brother is gay, my best friend transgender, another friend intersex, other lesbian   
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