Article Title:Manslaughter verdict: What the jury heard and saw
Category:True Stories
Author or Daily News staff
Published on:19th October 2011 - 01:55 pm
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Text:A day by day, step by step, guide through the High Court trial of Willie Ahsee for the murder of gay temporary sworn police officer Denis Phillips, with links to Daily News live reports filed from inside Courtroom 14 at the Auckland High Court as the case progressed. Monday October 10th 11.10am: Denis Phillips murder trial begins at High Court The jury is selected and sworn in. 1.20pm: "Phillips accused screamed: 'I've killed someone'" The Crown prosecutor outlines the pair's movements immediately before and after Ahsee fatally stabbed Phillips.  Tuesday October 11th 11.30am: Phillips case: Jury should consider killer's thoughts The defence asks the jury members to put themselves "in the shoes of a 16-year-old boy" and to consider "the circumstances that confronted Mr Ahsee when he inflicted the wound." 4.00pm: Teen witness tells of being "hit on" by PhillipsA young man describes what happened when, a month before the killing, he met with Phillips and the pair went to Phillips place to drink and work out in a home gym. 6.00pm: Teen accused's mother gives evidence Willie Ahsee's  describes her son's drunken and aggitated state when he returned home after the killing and how she took him to the police station. Philips' neighbours describe the sounds they heard coming from his flat. Wednesday October 12th 12.00pm: "Nah" - teen's reply when asked if he killed someoneA police officer recounts questioning Ahsee and taking him to the scene of the killing. Thursday October 13th 12.25pm: Phillips killing: Bloodied house shown to jury A digital video system gives the jury a photographic tour of Phillips' house to acquaint them with where the killing took place. 2.20pm: Teen's saliva found on crotch of victim's shorts DNA analysis links semen found on Phillips boxer shorts to the victim and saliva stains to the defendant. Friday October 14th 11.15am: Phillips stabbed through earlobe with steak knifeA forensic pathologist describes how the fatal knife wound severed a vital artery, shows other wounds and provides blood alcohol level evidence. 3.30pm: “I ain't bloody gay, fuck that shit” - murder accused The defendant vehemently denies any sexual contact occurred between himself and Phillips and gives some insight into the pair's contact with each other. Monday October 17th11.50am: Accused Ahsee describes lead-up to Phillips killing Ahsee says Phillips made advances to him when the pair were drinking and that the older man tried to “touch my nut.” 1.00pm: Accused says he didn't intend to stab Phillips The defendant claims Phillips started the fight between the pair. He says his inability to remember aspects of the night is due to suffering "memory loss and black out when I drink too much." 4.00pm: Questions about sexual contact outrage accused Ahsee errupts when it is suggested he and Philips had sexual contact and is abrupt and emotional when his claim that he went to the kitchen to get a bottle opener, not a knife, is questioned. 6.30pm: Ahsee faces stringent cross-examinationThe first stabbing was an accident according to the defendant who gives his own description of the fight that led to Phillips' death. Tuesday October 18th2.30pm: Denis Phillips murder trial nears close Ahsee denies intending to kill Phillips and another young man describes Phillips' advances towards him during an overnight stay. 6.15pm: Prosecutor sums up: 'Ahsee has been lying'The prosecution suggests there was "greater intimacy" than the defendant has admitted to, that his evidence is inconsistent and that there was more to the repeated stabbing than self-defence. Wednesday October 19th. 12.25pm: Phillips "in some ways brought about" own deathThe defence says the victim had an "extremely unhealthy interest in teenage boys," that the killer is not a "sophisticated" person and suggests alternative interpretations of the crime scene evidence. 1.25pm: Jury directed to put any prejudice to one side The judge advises the jury on how to approach reaching a verdict. 6.30pm: Teen found guilty of Denis Phillips' manslaughter Ahsee is found guilty of manslaughter and is remanded into CYF custody awaiting sentencing 8pm: Ahsee emotional as manslaughter verdict comes in The initial reactions to the verdict Daily News staff - 19th October 2011
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