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Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:21st July 2011 - 03:35 pm
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Text:We could cry like babies at the news one of our favourite events is on thin and cracking ice, but instead while we wait and hope a gay Daddy Warbucks comes along to save the day, let's stop and celebrate what we adore about Gay Ski Week: The location Queenstown has its reputation as a tourist Mecca for good reason: it's stunningly beautiful, there is plenty to do and the dining and nightlife is top notch. While it's not the best place to be on a budget, but if you it's still a great place to take a load off and commune with nature ... and you can take that however you like. Shining happy people One of the best things about Gay Ski Week is how very, very happy everyone is. There are no sour queens standing in the corner scowling at the crowd – everyone is having a good time. Everyone is happy to have their picture taken and have a chat. Gay Ski Weekers seem to be people who work hard all year around and love the chance to come to Queenstown and simply let their hair (or their pants) down … and have a great time. The foreign factor Aside from the AsiaPacific Outgames in Wellington in March, which was a one-off, we have very few injections of hoards of excited gay foreigners descending on The Land of the Long White Cloud. Considering how small our country is, it's always nice to have a dose of fresh meat, whether for salacious cross-national hook-ups or just for some fresh conversation and a foreign perspective. We will miss those silly Swedes, the yelling Yanks and the ever-assured Aussies. Hitting the slopes The slopes that neighbour Queenstown are amazing. Those who brave beyond the revelry in the hotels and bars and either show off their skills (or fall flat on their faces learning) come back with a tired, satisfied smugness from their days out on the slopes and look at you sideways when you say you're just at Gay Ski Week for the parties. The parties But come on, admit it, a lot of you head to Queenstown for the nightlife rather than the snow life. Piles get their kit off for the pool party and make fools of themselves at the karaoke night – then hoards of people suddenly appear for closing weekend and the final fabulous hurrah. There is something about Gay Ski Week parties that is very different from anything you get in the permanent gay bars and clubs weekend-in-weekend-out across the rest of New Zealand ... something we will miss dreadfully if it really is all over... Psst ... gay Daddy Warbucks, it would be really nice if you could step in right about now ... Jacqui Stanford - 21st July 2011    
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