Title: Blight One Life? Credit: Craig Young Comment Thursday 15th December 2005 - 12:00pm1134601200 Article: 1041 Rights
John Sax's For the Sake of Our Children Trust is still trying to convince the rest of us that it's a mainstream parenting organisation. According to Sax, his organisation will resist 'politically correct' pressure and have 'no fear of censure' (Speech Notes, 2 September 2005). In Megan Singleton's online pdf, it notes that most of United Future and ACT's dumped fundamentalist social conservatives were in attendance, and lists Muriel Newman, Stephen Franks, Larry Baldock, Paul Adams and Bernie Ogilvy... as well as National's Judith Collins and Alan Peachey. All of them agreed that there should be a 'non-PC discussion' of 'negative social statistics.' What do these weasel words mean? Well, also on FSOCT's website, one finds a pdf page from Julie Belding, editor of Vision New Zealand's Daystar fundamentalist monthly, ex-NZ Baptist editor and ex-Christian Coalition list candidate. In her article (For the Sake of Our Children: Light One Life), she cites Bruce Logan from the Maxim Institute. Er, is that the same Bruce Logan that Paul Litterick exposed as a plagiarist? I suspect that Belding was the victim of deadline stringencies here. However, it does bring up important considerations. If For the Sake of Our Children wants to discuss child neglect and abuse, all well and good. But let it be without mendacious imported social conservative propaganda that doesn't pass independent muster on the basis of professional opinion, research methods and ethical standards. And again, FSOCT's speakers show no sign of any qualifications in pediatrics or developmental psychology. And where are the Labour, Green and Progressive social policy spokespeople? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what they're up to- trying to produce the impression that a 'child welfare' group opposes the Greens Section 59 Repeal, and lobbying against inclusive adoption law reform at some time in the future, perhaps? Further reading: For the Sake of Our Children Trust Daystar: Monthly Vision NZ fundamentalist newspaper Julie Belding: "For the Sake of Our Children: Light One Life" Daystar (Nov 2005): 10 (in pdf format on FSOCT website, above) Megan Singleton "For the Sake of Our Children" (in pdf format on FSOCT website, above) Craig Young - 15th December 2005    
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