Gay BC (12 July 1986)

Gay BC (Broadcasting Collective) was a community radio programme that broadcast weekly on Wellington's Access Radio from 1985 to the 1990s. This programme was broadcast a couple of days after the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Act (9 July 1986). It contains recordings from the third reading debate and final vote in parliament.


A detailed log of this recording is available on the LAGANZ website, see page 0271-AB.

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  • Hit That Perfect Beat, Bronksi Beat (music)
  • "Love to Love you Baby, Bronksi Beat (music)

This audio is supplied courtesy of the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand.


"The question is that the Homosexual Law Reform Bill be now read a third time, the ayes are 49, the noes are 44. It will be read a third time. [cheering and applause] Jon Lusk: That was a recording of the final vote on the third reading of the gay law reform bill, and yesterday at noon the Governor General signed the bill and it passed into law. And this program of Gay BC is for all those who fought for law reform in New Zealand. We'll have more highlights from Parliament's historic Wednesday night session soon, but first... read full transcript

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Record date:12th July 1986
Audio courtesy of:Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ)