Des Smith  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Des Smith

Des Smith and John Jolliff(February 2013)

In this podcast Des and John talk about their early lives, their relationship, homosexual law reform, the beginnings of HUG (Wellington), the Gay and Lesbian and Fair, campaigning for civil unions and marriage equality.

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Voices: Des Smith, John Jolliff

Tags: 1930s, 1970s, 1980s, 2000s, age of consent, ageing, alison laurie, aotearoa new zealand, bait, big gay out (auckland), bigotry, bill hastings, building, bullying, carmen rupe, carmen's international coffee lounge (wellington), charles chauvel, children, civil rights, civil union act (2004), civil union bill support society, civil unions, coming out, dating, davina whitehouse, des smith, destiny church, discrimination, diversity, emily perkins, employment, equality, family, fran wilde, gardening, gay, gay bc (wellington access radio), gay task force, growing up, heterosexuals unafraid of gays (hug), hiv/aids, homosexual law reform, homosexual law reform society, horticulture, hospice, hugh young, ireland, john jolliff, kanwaljit singh bakshi, kerry prendergast, le balcon / the balcony (wellington), lesbian and gay archives of new zealand (laganz), lesbian and gay fair (wellington), lloyd geering, london, marriage, marriage amendment act (2012), marriage equality, media, military, moana mackey, morse code, myers-briggs type indicator, new caledonia, new zealand aids foundation, nudism, older age, parliament, paul holmes, peter dunne, peter sinclair, pets, poofter, relationships, religion, rotorua, rule foundation, sam johnson, san francisco, school, sexuality, sue dunlop, talk back, the boatshed (wellington), theatre, tim barnett, tolerance, tony simpson, tramping, travel, united kingdom, victoria club (wellington), vincent o'sullivan, visibility, wellington, wellington gay task force, world war 2, youth, zealandia (wellington)


This podcast was made possible through generous support from the Rule Foundation

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Record date:18th February 2013