Charlotte Museum

In this podcast Miriam Saphira and Jenny Rankine talk about the Charlotte Museum. The museum collects and preserves artefacts of lesbian culture such as labrys, music, theatre, film, literature, art and other memorabilia from early lesbian life in New Zealand.


"A group of us started talking about having some Auckland archives to try and send things to the Wellington archives. I'd been involved in the Wellington archives. We didn't get very far, and then in 2003 was the Outlines Conference, and I took the quilt there with all the T-shirts sewn together, and the badge collection, thinking that would be wonderful in the Lesbian and Gay Archives in Wellington, but oh, no; The National Library collects paper, not things. Wai Ho: I know! I didn't realize that. They're real paper-focused. Miriam: And it's also quite hard to get access... read full transcript

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Record date:15th September 2010
Interviewer:Wai Ho