Zoe  [image: Jac Lynch]



In this podcast Zoe talks about school life, identity and sumo wrestling in Russia.


"I grew up in Lower Hutt until the age of about 10 and then my Mum decided she was gay and wanted to live the nightlife so we moved to Wellington. Jac: And you’ve lived in Australia too? Zoe: Yeh I’ve lived in Australia off and on over the years just when I get bored. I’m a bit of a gypsy so I like to move around and keep things interesting. I kind of live life out of a bag. Even when I’m in New Zealand I change location every couple of months. Jac: Where did you go to... read full transcript

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Record date:15th March 2015
Interviewer:Jac Lynch
Photographer:Jac Lynch
Copyright (image):Jac Lynch