Val  [image: Jac Lynch]



In this podcast Val talks about lesbian movements in the 1990s, visibility and co-founding The Drag Kings.


"I grew up in New Plymouth till I was about 17 and then I went to Auckland University for a few years there and then I moved to Wellington and I’ve been here ever since about 1986, 87 or so. I’ve been in Wellington longer than I’ve been anywhere else. Jac: When you were growing up in New Plymouth were you at girls’ schools or mixed schools? Val: Obviously mixed schools at primary and intermediate but all girls’ school at high school. Jac: How was that for you? Val: It was ok because I had brothers so I always... read full transcript

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Record date:4th April 2015
Interviewer:Jac Lynch
Photographer:Jac Lynch
Copyright (image):Jac Lynch