Sara  [image: Jac Lynch]



In this podcast Sara talks about politics, activism and newly completed research looking at heterosexism in tertiary student accommodation.


"My Celtic hereditary is quite important to me, it’s a strong part of how I identify so wearing my kilt was quite important to me I guess. Jac: Tell us about your kilt. Sara: Well it’s my family tartan and it’s something I’m really proud to wear. Jac: Do you get much chance to wear it? Sara: No I reserve it just for special occasions so it’s the first time I’ve worn it I think since my graduation in 2002. Jac: And you’re wearing some other kit that looks fairly Celtic too. Tell us about that. Sara: I guess... read full transcript

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Record date:8th March 2015
Interviewer:Jac Lynch
Photographer:Jac Lynch
Copyright (image):Jac Lynch