Lynley  [image: Jac Lynch]



In this podcast Lynley talks about growing up in the 1960s, cricket, ballroom dancing, marriage and coming out.


"At the end of our street there was a really really big mountain of earth, huge mountain of earth, we called it the mountain. And quite often we’d put in our cricket wickets at the bottom of the mountain and we would play for hours, cricket up and down the street. Usually one side of the street against the other side of the street. It was a load of fun, it was really really great. Very little traffic. The buses ran usually to, the people, their timetable as opposed to a bus timetable. Good old Birkenhead Transport. Everybody knew... read full transcript

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Record date:19th March 2015
Interviewer:Jac Lynch
Photographer:Jac Lynch
Copyright (image):Jac Lynch